10 Best Fishing Apps for Android and iOS Users in 2023

10 Best Fishing Apps for Android and iOS Users in 2023

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Do you love fishing? Do you want to know what the best apps for fishing are? Go through this list of the best fishing apps for Android and iOS.

Fishing is a fantastic hobby but not knowing when and where to get them could be disappointing. Imagine spending a good weekend morning on a fishing trip but failing to catch even a single fish!

You can say goodbye to these inconveniences with a powerful, feature-rich, and accurate fishing app. This article outlines the ultimate list of the best fishing apps for iOS and Android.

Best Fishing Apps for Android

1. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time offers intelligent forecasts by factoring in the season, weather conditions, ambient temperature, water current, and many other metrics. The application utilizes solunar tables to predict the feeding time of fish and other related species in lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, and more.

Since you get highly accurate forecasts and fishing spot suggestions, you can book the spot in advance and plan a convenient fishing trip. Its notable in-app features are:

  • Automatic and manual GPS
  • Save locations for future fishing and hunting
  • Notification for feeding periods
  • Current fishing opportunities and up to five days forecast

It offers in-app purchases starting from $3.99 per item. However, if you enjoy frequent fishing trips, you can get the Pro version to save money.

2. Fishbrain – Fishing App

If you love fishing, Fishbrain – Fishing App will facilitate smart fishing for you. It’s one of the best fishing apps for Android and provides accurate data.

For US and Canada, you get Navionics depth maps. Choose your favorite fishing spot to get detailed and exceptional coverage of it.

Its AI-powered fishing spot prediction introduces you to new fishing spots. This free app also suggests the top baits for your area so that you can catch bigger fish.

Here, you can share your advice and get help from other anglers.

3. Fishing Spots – Local Fishing


Fishing Spots – Local Fishing works like a fishing guide and smart app to offer guided fishing assistance. Its notable fishing features are as follows:

  • An elaborate fishing map across the country with information like catch types, real-world fishing images, location guidance, etc.
  • You can create a fishing logbook to track your fishing accomplishments.
  • Explore new and less-exploited fishing spots that offer a variety of catches and other species than fish.
  • Creat fishing hotspot waypoints, find GPS coordinates for vehicles, and more.
  • GPS map filtering with options like fishing spots, catches, stream gauges, buoys, recent reports, etc.

Other major features in this best fishing app for Android are Solunar Forecast, Angler Connectivity, Social Media Feed, Virtual Tackle Box, and Fishing Knowledge Base.

4. Fishing Times

If you’re wondering what is the best fishing app for Android, Fishing Times will be one of the top contenders. It shares the solunar fishing calendar, tide times, and Sun/Moon information with you for early planning of fishing trips.

The app displays the major and minor fishing times using the green bar. It also indicates high and low tide times via the blue bar.

You can also use this free app to know the moon’s phase and time. Rising and setting times for the Sun and Moon are also available.

5. Fishing Knots


The sport of Fishing requires several skills, and the ability to bind the perfect knot is one of them. Fishing Knots is an Android app that teaches you how to tie fishing knots.

It is a personal pocket helper tool that offers the knowledge of attaching your baits like flies, hooks, and swivels.

The tutorials available on this app are helpful for any fishing as they contain all the popular and essential knots.

Best Fishing Apps for iPhone/iPad

6. Fishing Points – Fishing App

Fishing Points – Fishing App is the best fishing app for people in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. It provides updated information about fish, regulations, and bag limits for popular species.

The app comes with global nautical maps that help you prepare for a fishing trip with the best fishing time, tide prediction, solunar data, and weather forecast.

Daily fish activity forecast, fishing time calendar, major and minor fishing times, hourly waves forecast, sea temperature, and currents are other crucial data you can get from this app.

In Fishing Point, you get a variety of markers and colors to save your fishing locations. You can use this app for free or subscribe to any premium plans starting at $5.99.

7. BassForecast: Fishing Forecast

BassForecast Fishing Forecast best fishing apps for iOS
BassForecast Fishing Forecast

If you’re into Bass Fishing, BassForecast: Fishing Forecast will help you to a great extent. This all-in-one fishing app will make you a better bass angler.

It analyzes various variables affecting Bass feeding behavior in any global location. Using its rating system, you can plan fishing trips ten days ahead.

BassForecast offers the Adapted Patterns feature to discover bass-catching patterns for low-rated, tough days quickly.

You can save catch data, dates, location, ratings, pictures, and conditions in your Catch Log that you can share with others to keep private.

This free fishing app comes with different subscriptions, starting at $2.99.

8. FishAngler – Fish Finder App

FishAngler – Fish Finder App is one of the best apps for fishing that provides fishing maps, forecasts, and spots for iPhone and iPad users.

This free app enables you to catch more fish by helping you discover new fishing spots, get real-time fishing forecasts, and know the best times for fishing.

Fish Angler includes interactive map layers, bait recommendations, exact catch locations, and private groups.

Using this app, you can connect with your nearby anglers, get fishing tips from them, and flaunt your catches. You also get the freedom to share your fishing info or to keep it private.

9. Fishing Forecast – Fishbox App


Fishing Forecast – Fishbox App is another fishing forecast app for iOS that offers info on spot maps, weather, and times.

Here, you can get accurate information on best fishing times, secret fishing spots and tide tables, solunar, analysis, nautical maps, and using the fishing knots.

Weather analysis, tide data, Sun position, Moon position, and Moon phase are other features that this app provides. You can use Auto GPS, map, or manual entry for an accurate location.

You can download the app for free and opt for premium plans, starting at $7.99.

10. Fishing Forecast App: TipTop

Fishing Forecast App: TipTop is an iOS app for the best fishing times and spots. This science-based fishing forecast app considers the habit of each fish species and weather conditions for prediction.

It also has a solunar calendar that helps you increase your chance of catching fish. Using its log, you can track and analyze personal catch records.

Saving favorite fishing spots and storing fishing stats for every spot are additional features of this app. It also uses dark mode to save your battery power. This free app comes with in-app purchases, starting at $6.49.

Best Fishing Apps for Android and iOS: Conclusion

Whether you’re a regular angler or go fishing only once in a while, fishing apps greatly benefit you. You can learn about the ideal fishing time and tide chart using the best fishing apps.

We hope you like this list of the best fishing apps for Android and iOS. Tell us in the comment section about your favorite fishing app.