10 Best Free People Search Sites in 2023 [WORKING]

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Looking for someone but don’t know how to find them? People search sites can help you locate old friends, family members, or acquaintances that you’ve lost touch with. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best free people search sites that are currently working in 2023. These sites offer a range of tools and resources to help you locate people, including public records, social media profiles, and more. So if you’re ready to start your search, let’s dive in!

1. FindPeopleSearch


It is a combination of reverse image search and people search engine that gives accurate results to its users. FindPeopleSearch has a huge database that provides information about individuals. For example, you can find a person by entering their age, contact number, location, or other minor details.

 It is more likely that you will get the information in their primary database, which is freely accessible. But if not, you can refer to the paid searches in FindPeopleSearch.

Price: Free and paid

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2. Pipl


This is another people-finder website that uses global identity information for presenting search results. You will get information from a person’s personal, professional, and social identity in Pipl. Some of the details of a person you may find here include a contact number, email address, etc.

However, Pipl is not a free website for Sachin people online. On the contrary, you need a subscription fee to access a global identity database.

Price: Paid

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3. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the most popular business search site to find individual professionals and business entities. The site contains a detailed report of a person’s education and professional background readily accessible to all LinkedIn users. In addition, LinkedIn is a globally famous platform, so you can expect to get national and international connections.

However, whenever you visit a person’s profile, it will alert them that someone has visited their profile. But this feature too can be bypassed by taking their pro subscriptions. 

Price: Free and paid

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4. Google


Our most favorite and well-known search engine, Google, can also be used to find people online. Google has the most extensive database containing almost every possible information. So it will be a wise decision to start your search for a person’s details from Google. Information presented by the search engine can be filtered to get the most relevant one suitable for you.

Additionally,  Google also features a reverse image search option which is much more efficient than any other reverse image search site. The free access and immense popularity have made it one of the favorite options on the list.

Price: Free

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5. That’sThem


That’sThem is another search engine that you can rely on to find details of a stranger. For example, you can search for your lost friend, long-parted family members, or relatives on That’sThem.

Moreover, you can also get confidential information about a person, like income and expenditure list, on this site. That’sThem people search is initially free to use. However, sometimes it may transfer your query to some paid portals if the details are not in their database.

Price: Free and paid

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6. TinEye


If you want to find someone but only have their picture with you, then TinEye will help you out. TinEye only needs you to enter the picture of the person to search. Then, the site will deliver to you all the details of the background of the owner of that photo. The report contains an email address, name, etc.

The best thing about TinEye is that it doesn’t require any sign of or registration to access its user database. That means you will get instant result without any hassle.

Price: Free 

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7. PeekYou


This is a unique tool that will make your work of finding people easy with its advanced features. PeekYou also has a reverse search option to find any individuals using the pictures.

In addition, the site scans all social media, websites, and public domains to give you all possible reports of your desired entity. The PeekYou platform is entirely free to use. But if you need some advanced option, it will redirect you to a paid website.

Price: Free and paid

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8. White Pages.com

White Pages.com

It is one of the most popular free people search sites that help you get a person’s complete details. You can verify a person’s identity, and check the background and even criminal records of a stranger through White Pages.com.The main reason behind this versatility of White Pages.com is the huge database that stores a vast amount of different data on people and their business contact info.

You can also use this site to search for any business entity’s location and contact details. The user interface of WhitePages.com is straightforward to carry out an effective search. 

Price: Free and paid

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9. ZabaSearch

When looking for free People search websites, choosing not to include ZabaSearch as one of the first people-finders is unfair, so ZabaSearch is among the top people-finder solutions available in the market, established in 2005.

Suppose you’re looking for people who are missing their contact information and address. In that case, ZabaSearch offers services for virtually no cost because it includes all the public data in its database.


ZabaSearch includes a reserve search tool that is part of its infrastructure. The user can search by entering the individual’s name and contact number.

ZabaSearch, similar to Thatsthem or TruePeopleSearch, does not demand its users to sign up for an account or complete a registration to conduct a background check. Similar to all listed sites, ZabaSearch’s report provides you with your personal details regarding telephone numbers and addresses, names, and even your age.

Price: Free and paid

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10. Intelius

Intelius is an entirely free search engine. Its performance is outstanding. Intelius has set the standard for other search engines geared toward people. It is the Intelius site is about gathering up-to-date information about individuals.


To begin an online search, enter an individual’s first name and last name in the box for searching. A reverse lookup using the phone number is available on Intelius. You can also have an address and email search option alongside this search option.

Intelius is one of those free websites that provide reliable results every time. When you use Intelius, you can check whether your information is accessible on the dark internet. For a quick search to find a location, you can use the location’s name.

Price: Free and paid

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