10015.io: dozens of free and very useful online tools

There are many online tools today. Unlike software, online tools require no installation and are mostly free. They are particularly appreciated by users who seek to perform certain tasks without even having any knowledge. In addition, online tools make it possible to avoid the installation of software that is often complex to use. However, they also have some disadvantages…

Indeed, the use of an online tool requires an Internet connection and a certain confidence with the website. For example, when you have to upload a file to a website to rework it, there is nothing to guarantee that it is in a safe place and that it will not be reused without your knowledge. Also, most online tools focus on a single task. You must therefore bookmark each online tool that you consider useful. And the problem is that the list can quickly grow…

For this reason, today I decided to share with you a website that brings together not one, but several free online tools in one place. The site is called 10015.io and at the time of writing these lines, it includes no less than 33 online tools!

100015.io : des outils en ligne faciles à utiliser, rapides et gratuits

Le site 10015.io a été conçu et codé par Fatih Telis, un développeur frontend basé à Istanbul, en Turquie. Il a eu la formidable idée de regrouper plusieurs outils en ligne sur un seul et même site web. Et vous le verrez, il y en a vraiment pour tous les usages.

Les outils sont classés dans différentes catégories : texte, image, CSS, cadage, couleur, réseaux sociaux et divers. Dans la catégorie « Text Tools », vous trouverez notamment un générateur Lorem Ipsum, un convertisseur de texte en écriture manuscrite ou encore un compteur de lettres.

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There are also many online tools to edit an image or photo . You will be able to crop and resize your images and even apply filters to them. But that’s not all, you will also find a color picker , an image converter or even a tool to censor your photos (hide a face for example).

In addition, the 10015.io site also offers an online tool to retrieve a YouTube video thumbnail by simply entering its URL. And finally, we note the presence of a QR code generator and a barcode generator.

To easily find the tool you are interested in, I suggest you use the search bar.

Censor a photo with the online tool 10015.io

Finally, note that the 10015.io site is also available as an extension for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers . You can therefore access the online tool that interests you more quickly.

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