12 Best Money Making Apps for Android Phones for Fast Cash in 2023

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In this guide, we will learn: 12 Best Money Making Apps for Android Phones for Fast Cash in 2023 – guide 2023

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1. Google Opinion Rewards

Money-Making Apps for Android Phones Google Opinion Rewards (Photo: Courtesy of Google)

Google Opinion Rewards is the ideal money-earning app for Android if you like answering consumer-facing questions. For example, the app might ask you to choose the best logo design among a list of logos and pay you $1 in Google Play credit.

If you sign up using a PayPal email, you can transfer the fund as real money using a PayPal wallet.

2. Premise

Premise involves the consumers who have mobile phones to answer surveys or complete tasks from a vast board of jobs on its marketplace. You must sign up as a Premise Contributor to get paid tasks.

Primarily, you need to use your tech skills or share knowledge about the neighborhood to complete Premise tasks.

3. Swagbucks

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Swagbucks started as a shopping cashback website. Later on, they included a consumer survey feature too. You could earn up to $10 for just the signup step. Then, you can start answering short-length or long-length surveys to make money.

You can also look for discounted shopping offers along with cashback from its marketplace of various brands and retail stores.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars, a money-making app for Android phones, is more like a marketing platform for top brands. Brands and companies collect consumer opinions via this money-making app for Android. Apart from surveys, marketing questions, and consumer opinions, you can also perform the following tasks to make money online:

  • Play games
  • Shop online for discounts and cash back
  • Payment for reading emails
  • Earn money by uploading bills from select grocery retails or brands

The app pays between $0.50 to $5.00 per survey. However, some premium surveys could earn you up to $20.

5. Clickworker

Clickworker is more of a job marketplace for freelance tech experts. You need to complete tasks online using an Android phone or computer. Its tasks could be from any of the following technical domains:

  • Create marketing copies or product descriptions
  • Categorize website or database data
  • Edit text copies
  • Proofread content
  • Research web content, brand addresses, etc.
  • Participate in marketing surveys
  • Mystery Visit to retailers as regular shoppers
  • Test apps
  • Take pictures of the target object, business, or product and upload
  • Record video and audio

6. BeMyEye

BeMyEye works for top brands to collect data from retailers, dealers, shopping malls, etc. It gathers data on how shops display brand products to consumers. Hence, you must go to local shopping centers or retail stores to complete missions.

Then, you get paid per task you complete. Its missions include mystery shopping, store checking, shelf scanning, geo-tagging, verifying outdoor advertisements, etc.

7. OfferUp

OfferUp works like a local marketplace where you can sell old things at the best price. It offers great deals compared to other flea market apps on Google Play.

The best thing is to source pre-owned and used items from various sources and list those on this app for sale. This way, you can make a profit from sourced second-hand items.

8. Microwork

If you love to earn Ethereum by completing small and fun tasks on your Android mobile phone, Microwork should be your go-to app.

The tasks on its job marketplace are straightforward. You can either take photos of the target object and upload them or review local business locations for cryptocurrency as rewards.

9. iPoll

iPoll is yet another popular survey-based money-earning app for Android. You need to fill up a quick form about yourself. Then, the app will inform you about upcoming surveys, opinion forms, and missions.

Most surveys will be from consumer products, services, and business places. Sometimes, you can get missions to visit and explore a local place like a restaurant, pub, etc.

In return, you get iPoll currency. After accumulating a good amount of iPoll currency, you can exchange these for Amazon, Apple, and PayPal gift cards.

10. Surveys On The Go

You can use the Surveys On The Go app when shopping, traveling, going to the office, coming home from the office, and so on. All you need to do is survey restaurant dishes, consumer products, places, etc.

The survey rewards range from $1 to $5. However, if you’re lucky, you can hit the jackpot by signing up for premium surveys that pay up to $10.

11. Streetspotr

If you’re already traveling a lot in your city, county, state, etc., you can supplement your earnings by performing quick visits and reviews of places on Streetspotr. After you download the app and install it, sign up for an account.

Then, open its job map to find available missions. You mostly get field tasks within 400 meters of your current location. You get up to 12 hours to review a business spot near you.

12. Roamler

If you’ve got marketing and tech skills and want to run a part-time gig, you must try Roamler. You must visit various business or household locations for technical and retail services.

Plus, you get free insurance that covers accidental damage and business liabilities. The best feature of this money-making app is you can cash out anytime you want.

13. Mobeye – Earn money

Mobeye - Earn money the best app to make money on Android
Mobeye – Earn money is the best app to make money on Android

If you love taking pictures of places, objects, and products, Mobeye is the right app to earn some money by uploading business-related images. For most missions, you must go to the field to take real pictures and upload them from your mobile phone.

You can choose your task according to location, distance, complexity, etc. You can book one task for up to 2 hours to take pictures and answer additional questions about the target.

Money Making Apps for Android Phones: FAQs

Which Is the Best Android App for Money Earning?

As per my experience, Google Opinion Rewards is an excellent app for making money using android. Though the app offers a few surveys daily, there’s a payment guarantee from Google if you complete the task according to its guideline.

Moreover, it directly transfers the funds to your PayPal, and there’s a customer support team should you need help.

What App Gives You Actual Money?

Many Android and iOS apps reward you with money or gift cards upon completing specific tasks.

If you’re a tech-savvy and skilled person, you must go for apps like Google Opinion Rewards, Google Task Mate, Clickworker, Premise, and Microwork.

On the contrary, if you’re looking for mobile phone-based tasks that don’t require much technical skill, you can try out Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Ibotta, Surveys On The Go, and iPoll.

What Is the Number 1 Money-Making App?

I’d say BeMyEye is the number 1 money making app. It allows you to travel in your neighborhood to complete fun and challenging missions.

How Can I Earn Money With My Android Phone?

You can make money using your Android phone in many ways. You can start using the money-making apps mentioned above in your free time to make some bucks or get free gift cards.

Alternatively, you can try the followings:

  • Open a Shopify store to sell things online
  • Become a drop shipper using your Android phone
  • Start doing freelance work on Upwork or Fiverr

Is Money App Real or Fake?

Most money-making apps are not real. They’ll make you do something useful for the sponsoring brand or company and ditch you. Also, you shouldn’t consider money-making apps to make a living or get rich fast.

You must think of such apps as a source to earn some small amount of PayPal cash or Amazon gift card by utilizing your free time that you would otherwise waste on social media.

There are a few real money-making apps. These are Google Opinion Rewards, Google Task Mate, Roamler, Streetspotr, Premise, Swagbucks, etc.

What Apps Give Free Money?

None of the apps available on Google Play or App Store would offer you free money. Some will ask you to share opinions on brands and products. A group of other apps may send you to the field to complete missions.

Money Making Apps for Android Phones: Final Words

So far, you’ve gone through a detailed discussion on money-earning apps for Android device owners. Most of these apps are also available for iOS and iPadOS via the App Store. So, you may also use these money-making apps for Android phones on iPhones and iPads.

Don’t forget to comment below about your earning experiences with the best apps to make money on Android mentioned above.

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