13 Google Play Store error codes and their solutions in Android

In this tutorial we will show you how to fix some common Google Playstore errors using simple tweaks. Error: 101, 403, 413, 481, 491, 492, 495, 498, 919, 920, 921, 923, 927

Google Play Store is the world’s leading Android marketplace. You can find thousands of apps for every use and millions of apps and games on Google Play. Some of them are paid and most of them are free to download and install.

Like all other apps, sometimes Google Play store throws errors. Many people have problems when they find an interesting application and want to download or install it from the PlayStore, but unfortunately the process causes an error. It is also annoying, especially when you install a new ROM in your phone and want to reinstall your favorite apps. Today I will show you:

“How to Fix All Common Google Play Store Errors on Android with the Help of Error Codes”

Error codes are great – they temporarily stop you from doing what you want while providing as little information as possible by just giving you a code or number. Unfortunately the error messages do not provide information or explain the actual problem and how to fix it, it will only give you an error code. But you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily fix it, and we are going to go through the list of all common Google Play Store errors with their appropriate fixes.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error on Android

Android play store throws a host of errors that prevent you from continuing your healthy browsing, but in the following of this article, we are citing some common play store errors with their fixes and solutions.

1. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 101

Play Store Error 101 : This error prevents the app from downloading because there are many apps installed and making space insufficient.

Error 101 fix: To fix error 101, just uninstall unnecessary apps or clear Google Play Store data and delete Google account, then log in again. Download your apps now and you’ll be fine!

2. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 403

Play Store error 403 : Application download request is prohibited. Download is not possible. The 403 error occurs when you use two or more Google accounts on the same device.

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Solution for Play Store error 403 : First Access Google Play Store with the correct Google account, then Uninstall the app in question. Now install apps from Google Play.

3. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 413

Google Play Store Error 413 : It prevents apps/games from downloading or updating from Google Play and error 413 usually occurs when you are using a proxy on your device.

Solution for Google Playstore Error 413 : Go to Settings > Application Manager > All Apps tab > Find Google Play Services. Touch it and clear the data, then press Stop. Do the same with Google Play Store.

4. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 481

Google Play Store Error 481 : Mostly this error mostly refers to your Google account or Gmail account.

Fix Google Play Store error 481 : Just delete your account and use another Google (Gmail) account.

5. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 491

Google Play Store Error 491: Error 491 is preventing app downloads and updates.

Fix Google Play Store error 491 : Try deleting your Google accounts by going to Settings >> Accounts > Google and click delete account. Now restart your Android and add the account again and then finally go to Settings >> Application manager > (All apps) >> Scroll down to Google Services, click on clear data and force stop.

6. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 492

Google Play Store error 492 : is an error that shows you a message like “  cannot install app due to dalvik cache  ”.

Solution to fix PlayStore error 492 : Go to Settings>>Application>>Clear Google Service and Google Play Store data , then force stop. If the problem is still not solved, delete the dalvik cache . To do this, enter the custom recovery mode ”  Custom Recovery Mode  “, an option that is only accessible if you have ”  rooted  ” your device. There is another solution to fix Google Play Store error 492 and that is to perform a data wipe or  factory reset . “. This option is available to all users and can be performed in  Recovery Mode  .

Warning  : This operation will erase all the data on your device, so make sure you have backed up everything you want to keep.

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7. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 495

Google Play Store Error 495 : This happens when downloading apps and games from Google Play Store.

Solution for Play Store Error 495 : Go to Settings >> Application Manager >> Tap All Apps tab >> Clear cache and data of Google Play Store and Google Services Framework.

Another method if the first cannot fix Google Playstore error 495: You just need to delete your Gmail account and restart your device, then re-add the Google account.

8. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498

Google Play Store Error 498 : It usually interrupts your download from Google Play store. This 498 error indicates that your device’s cache is full.

Fix Google Play Store Error 498 : Delete unnecessary and unused apps and files that waste your memory space. Restart your smartphone in recovery mode:

For Samsung devices – Press Volume Down , Power and Home button simultaneously or Other Devices – press volume down and power button Select ”  Wipe cache partition  ” to wipe the cache partition by navigating between the options with the volume rocker, then confirm using the power button.

9. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 919

Issue 919 on PlayStore : Apps download ok but won’t open once downloaded. This usually happens when there is no more space in your Android device.

Fix Error 919 : Just go to File Manager and delete all unusable and unnecessary files (music, videos or other large applications) and the problem will be fixed.

10. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 920

Google PlayStore error 920 : This error shows you the message “Unable to download the application” and your download attempt stops.

Fixing error 920 :

Method 1 ) Turn off your Wi-Fi, turn your Wi-Fi back on and launch Google Play Store and install or update the app. It’s the same if you use mobile data; turn off your mobile data, restart your device if necessary and turn your mobile data back on again. Make sure you have the right connection.

Method 2 ) – First, delete your Google account, then restart your phone, then add your Google account again in settings. Or you directly add another Google account. Now launch Google Play Store and download your favorite app.

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Method 3 ) – Problem still not solved? Start by clearing cache and clearing data from Google Play Store. From the same tab, uninstall Google Play Store updates and then restart your phone. Now download your apps from Google Play Store and it should work.

11. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 921

Google Play Store Error 921 : This error simply tells you that you cannot download an app from Google Play Store.

Google Play Error 921 Fix : Try clearing Google Play Store app cache and data. Now delete your Google account, restart the device and add it again.

12. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 923

Google Play store error 923 : this error indicating that the download becomes impossible also occurs when synchronizing your Google account or when your cache memory is insufficient.

Solution for Google Playstore error 923 : First, delete all Google accounts and delete all unnecessary apps that take up space. Then restart your device in recovery mode ( see error 498 ). Select ”  wipe cache partition  ” and boot your device as usual. Don’t worry, your personal data will not be deleted. Set up your Google account again and download your apps.

13. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 927

Reason for error 927 : The download is not possible because a Google Playstore update is in progress.

Fix Playstore error 927 : Just wait a few minutes until the Google Play Store update is complete. If the problem persists, go to Settings > Applications > Slide to all and search for Google services. Clear data then force stop it. Do the same with the Google Play Store app.

So, here is the list of few methods to fix Google Play Store error on Android device and I am sure you will not have to throw your device against the wall or in sewer anymore when you get such errors.

If you know of an error that isn’t listed, be sure to share your feedback and we’ll be more than happy to add to our list. Share your thoughts/views on this article in the comments.

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