Here are 15 alternatives to ChatGPT for finding relevant answers in 2023

Here are 15 alternatives to ChatGPT for finding relevant answers in 2023

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In this article, we will explore the 15 most effective ChatGPT alternatives for 2023 that can provide relevant answers.

If you are seeking a highly advanced conversational AI software, you might want to explore the following list of the best ChatGPT alternatives available for various purposes.

ChatGPT has gained massive popularity in recent years as a language model chatbot that can provide answers to a wide range of questions. Although ChatGPT is not the first chatbot of its kind, it has surpassed its competitors in terms of popularity.

One of the main reasons for this success is its ability to generate human-like text, produce stories and poems, and even summarize lengthy texts, all of which make it a revolutionary software. However, despite its numerous benefits, ChatGPT is not perfect, and therefore, some users might look for ChatGPT alternatives to achieve better results.

Reasons to Use a ChatGPT Alternative

Here are some reasons why someone might want to use a ChatGPT alternative:

  1. Specific needs: While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, it may not always be the best fit for specific needs or use cases. Alternative chatbots might be more tailored to particular industries, topics, or languages.
  2. Cost: Depending on your usage, ChatGPT can be expensive to use, especially if you require large volumes of processing. Some alternative chatbots might offer more affordable pricing plans that better fit your budget.
  3. Privacy concerns: ChatGPT requires users to provide their data to function, and some users may have concerns about the privacy and security of their data. Some alternative chatbots may have better privacy policies or data protection practices.
  4. Limited availability: ChatGPT may not be available in certain regions or countries, making it difficult or impossible to use for some users. Alternative chatbots may have wider availability and be accessible to more users.
  5. Feature preferences: Some users may prefer certain features or functions that ChatGPT does not offer. Alternative chatbots may have unique features that better suit your needs or preferences.
  6. Technical requirements: ChatGPT requires significant technical expertise to implement and maintain, which may not be feasible for all users. Alternative chatbots may offer more straightforward implementation processes or better support options.
  • ChatGPT training data includes data till 2021. So, it can’t provide you with the latest information or content.
  • The pro version of ChatGPT is costly, and free plan users won’t get the best service.
  • Free ChatGPT users won’t be able to access its services during heavy traffic.
  • As of now, it can only accept text input. Both voice command and voice response are unavailable. Hence, the app isn’t web accessibility friendly.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t have an API, so it has no integration facility with third-party apps and platforms.

Best ChatGPT Alternatives

1. GPT-3 Playground

GPT-3 Playground and ChatGPT are both developed by the same parent company OpenAI. Both are also based on GPT-3, but their objectives are different.

Speaking of GPT Playground, it aims to help developers explore and experiment with natural language processing.

So, you can use this platform to study and use natural language understanding. It also helps you identify the sentiment and intent of written communications.

As you explore the language generation process, you can learn to create text using language models.

You can also use this tool to create and test models with dependency parsing, named entity recognition, and semantic parsing.

2. LaMDA

LaMDA, or Language Model for Dialog Applications, is a product by Google. It’s considered an innovative product in the world of NLP (Natural Language Processing).

The objective of this model is to enable software applications to engage in a natural conversation.

LaMDA received training on 1.56 trillion words from public domain web documents and dialogs.

You can enter the natural language as its input and get a context-aware response that is also coherent.

It can even understand complex inquiries and discussions about various subjects. During fine-tuning, this tool can execute both generation and classification tasks to provide you with secure and pertinent answers.

3. Chatsonic

ChatGPT alternative Chatsonic (Photo: Courtesy of Chatsonic)

Chatsonic is an AI-powered chatbot that contains tools to create and deploy chatbots. Unlike ChatGPT, this application can perform image and voice searches.

It has no limitations in terms of the data sourcing timeline. Therefore, it can offer the latest information in real-time.

Like Google Assistance and Siri, Chatsonic can read back the responses that make these interesting and engaging.

All the conversations on Chatsonic can be edited, saved, and downloaded. Furthermore, it lets you customize your chatbot experience from 16 different personas.

It also has a versatile API that supports easy integration with existing web and mobile applications.

4. YouChat

YouChat derives its power from the same AI model of ChatGPT named GPT-3.5. It has a simplistic interface and effortlessly integrates with’s search engine.

So, after entering a query, it’ll show web results pages related to your query and let you have a conversation with the AI chatbot.

YouChat uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to offer you human-like responses during conversations.

The functions of this chatbot include answering questions, summarizing text, translating, generating emails, writing codes, and suggesting creative ideas.

5. Character AI

ChatGPT alternative Character AI
ChatGPT alternative Character AI

Character AI is another ChatGPT alternative that focuses completely on AI personalities. Hence, it delivers real-life-like conversational experiences through AI characters.

On this chatbot, you also get the option to choose from different AI personalities and have a lively conversation with them.

Built on neural language models, the characters offered by this application range from fictional characters and real-life people.

This conversational AI chatbot is more suitable for having fun and carrying out random chats.

6. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat may not be a literal ChatGPT alternative, but this AI writing tool can generate high-quality content in a jiffy.

If you’re wondering, that’s the reason it has a place on this list. It received training on content from 2021 summer and can provide you with average-quality answers to your queries.

Its ChatGPT-like interface allows you to interact with complete ease. You can also use this tool for continuous conversations. Since it can remember the old conversations, you get a better context for all the later chats.

7. Chinchilla

If you’re looking for a powerful ChatGPT alternative, Chinchilla by DeepMind is a great option. This proposed compute-optimal model contains 70 billion parameters.

Based on this research paper published by DeepMind, it can outperform ChatGPT on the mathematical MMLU dataset.

If you want to generate write-ups, create AI art, build search engines, or use a language model for reasoning, this software is ideal for you.

To fine-tune the answers, this chatbot needs significantly less computing power. Even for downstream applications, it uses less power which makes it easier to implement.

8. Perplexity AI

A screenshot of Perplexity AI
A screenshot of Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is another prominent name in the domain of conversational AI. The large language models (OpenAI API) work as the backbone of this ChatGPT alternative.

Despite being a new chatbot, it features ChatGPT-like attributes such as generating text and providing conversational responses.

It usually collects data from prominent websites like Wikipedia and Amazon. But, being a solution that’s still in its beta phase, sometimes it displays the content as it is.

Its interface is simple and doesn’t contain complicated features. It even offers citations for the content collected from various sources.

9. DialoGPT

DialoGPT is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives. It has been built for multi-turn conversations using a large-scale dialogue response generation model.

Its pre-trained system can generate replies for multi-dialogue conversations. Reddit dialogue threads of 2005-2017 containing 147 million similar conversations were used for its training.

This Microsoft product is highly conversational, lively, and light-hearted. Therefore its answers are suitable for informal contexts.

In addition, the phrases it uses are versatile, and its outputs have similarities with GPT-2.

10. Replika

ChatGPT alternative Replika
ChatGPT alternative Replika

Replika is a powerful AI-based ChatGPT alternative. It’s capable of recognizing visual elements to use in conversation.

Just like ChatGPT, you can ask anything and get answers. The more you chat with Replika, the better response you will get from it.

It even comes with various personas. You can make it your friend, spouse, or mentor to get the appropriate response.

In addition, Replika also provides you with coaching support so that you can develop healthy habits.

11. Rytr

Rytr is a strong contender if you’re searching for the best ChatGPT alternative. Choose from 20+ personas and 40+ use cases, and you’ll get the type of copy you want.

If you want answers in languages other than English, it even has that in its store. It can provide output in 30+ languages, including all the major languages.

According to Rytr, you can use its content with the least editing. To use it, create an account and choose your language, tone, use case, idea, and other metrics.

Using this model, you can write a story, blog, interview questions, business ideas, and many more.

12. Bloom

AI app Bloom (Photo Courtesy of Bloom)
AI app Bloom (Photo Courtesy of Bloom)

Bloom is an open-source ChatGPT alternative. This multilingual language model comes with a range of unique features.

The highlight of this model is it has training in 46 human languages and 13 coding languages.

What’s more, it’s accessible in different versions, some of which have fewer parameters. But Bloom has the ability to process 8,000 messages/second.

If you’re a developer willing to build NLP or applications, this could be a great choice. Features like dynamic scripting also help to build complex apps.

Besides using it for free, you can also customize it. However, you need to have a certain level of technical proficiency to use this model.

13. Megatron Turing NLG

If you’re looking for a ChatGPT alternative with big language models, go for Megatron Turing NLG.

Being one of the strongest English language models, it has 530 billion parameters. NVIDIA and Microsoft produce this model, and it gets trained on the NVIDIA DGX Selene supercomputer.

14. Elsa

ChatGPT alternative Elsa
ChatGPT alternative Elsa

Elsa is a language-learning application that uses AI to perform user speech examinations. Then, it formulates some tasks you can easily understand.

It’s basically a speech assistant for English. This app can also assist in translating other languages into English on Android and iOS devices.

This chatbot can be your language coach with whom you can have a fun conversation. It received training through the recordings of English conversations with different accents.

Hence, even if you’re not a native speaker, it can easily understand your speech. Elsa also helps you stay motivated and focused while learning the language.

15. Socratic

Google Socratic app can’t write stories or essays for you. But it’s a great ChatGPT alternative for the kids.

Here, students can enter general queries to receive a human-like response. Moreover, this app also includes fun illustrations with answers to explain things better.

This app is available for Android and Apple users. Moreover, if students want, they can scan their worksheets and math problems to get tailored answers.


No matter how capable ChatGPT is, it has its own limitations. Moreover, its paid plan might not be affordable to many users.

So, if you’re looking for a ChatGPT alternative, here is a list for you. I’ve mentioned some feature-rich tools that use AI technology to generate conversational text.

I hope the readers will give these tools a try and tell us about your experience. Also, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends who might find it useful.