15 Facts You May Not Know About Google

Everyone knows Google now . The number 1 search engine on the planet, Google has succeeded in imposing itself thanks to a simple interface and exceptional performance. Who would have bet on the success of a service offering a simple search bar at the start?
However, I’m sure you still have a lot to learn from this famous search engine. Here are 16 facts you may not know about Google.

  1. Google was born on September 4, 1998 in Silicon Valley.
  2. The name of the Google company originates from the mathematical term “googol”, which designates 10 100 , that is to say a number starting with 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  3. Some dictionaries have included the verb “to google”, with the meaning “to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the internet”. But Google is against this verbal use.
  4. To be in harmony with its environmental protection and sustainable development policy, carpooling is strongly encouraged in the company and travel between buildings is done by bicycle. Also, instead of using lawn mowers to clear the gardens of the googleplex (name of the headquarters of the Google firm) in the firefighting measure, the company recruited 200 goats.
  5. 98% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, its turnover amounts to 41 billion dollars and its profit is around 26 billion dollars ( Figures: June 2016 ).
  6. Google has 72,053 employees in 2017 worldwide.
  7. Google opts for an 80-20 policy to manage the schedules of its employees: a schedule composed of 80% of work required by the company and 20% of the time reserved for autonomous projects.
  8. Google pays about billion each year to remain the default search engine for Apple’s Safari web browser.
  9. Only 67% of Americans use Google against 94% in France.
  10. More than 5.5 billion queries are made every day on Google, or about 2000 billion per year ( Figures: May 2016 ).
  11. In 2013, Internet traffic dropped by over 40% when a 5-minute outage occurred in Google’s servers.
  12. the Google search engine available in 104 dialects and languages ​​and offers a personalized version for more than 138 countries.
  13. Google Street view covers more than 83 countries and more than 16 million kilometers.
  14. Android is used on more than 2 billion devices actively every month.
  15. 1 billion hours of video are watched by Internet users every day on Youtube .
  16. Over 400 hours of video is uploaded every minute. The equivalent of more than 1950 years of videos are processed each month by Youtube.
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