2 generators for your children to learn to write and tell the time

I don’t know if you have kids, but if you want to get them to work on their handwriting a bit and teach them how to tell the time, I’ve got you covered.

This is a site called Teachapp that offers generators that will appeal to parents and teachers. By clicking on this link, you will first find the clock generator which will allow you to recover in PDF and print dials for which you will have to decipher the time. It’s up to you to configure the morning and evening hours, the minutes, etc. And you can generate analog or digital dial sheets.

And for the little ones who are learning to write, Teachapp also offers a graphics generator to learn how to form letters correctly. You choose the font, the words, the quantity, the type of grid of the paper…etc. and all you have to do is print that at 100%.

Your kids will hate me, but at least they’ll know how to write better ;-).

I also invite you to browse the site, which offers other tools for dividing students into classes or building timetables.

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