You have a website and you want to sell more but without necessarily having to put your hand in your pocket by spending a fortune on advertising?
I’m going to give you 3 tips that you can now apply on your site to sell without advertising.
Whether you already have clients or not, these tips are applicable by everyone and you will see that the results can be very encouraging.

1. Give to receive

gift offer

This is the principle of reciprocity. For a website, we will talk about offering a reward. This principle applies to both your existing customers and your prospects. The idea is to offer a gift to your visitor in exchange for something. First, humans love to be offered something, it gratifies them, and secondly, this principle is not trivial since a person to whom you offer something will feel indebted .
You see what I mean ?

Offering a reward is a great way to convert a visitor into a prospect and then into a customer. It is also a very good way to seduce a customer and encourage him to make a new purchase. Consider offering a bonusthat is perfectly suited to your audience. For your little gift to have an impact on your conversions, bring value by offering a gift that meets a need. To do this, you need to know your customer avatar perfectly and what problems he encounters.

2. A relationship of trust

Establish contact with your prospect or even your client. Either way, you can always adapt your approach. A prospect who knows you little or nothing will be fond of knowing more about you. This is when you will use an autoresponder . Thanks to this marvelous tool, you will keep in touch with your prospect until you interest him. A prospect who adheres to your content will quickly turn into a customer . In digital marketing, this is called Lead Nurturing. It is the art of strengthening the relationship with a prospect who is not yet ready to buy. Likewise for a person who is already a customer of yours, no need to let their email sleep in the depths of your database, relaunch it.

Suggest things that might interest him, again via email. You should know that it is much easier to seduce someone who is already a customer of yours than someone who does not know you. If in addition, your customers are satisfied with your products or services, then you will have no trouble increasing your turnover in this way.

3. Listen

support client

Selling is good, listening to your customers is even better. Having an irreproachable customer service allows you to bring all the confidence and credibility to your customer. A confident customer is a customer who will have no difficulty in being interested in your other products or services. For this you can provide customer service by chat, email or even Facebook Messenger.

Upstream, you can prepare a well-stocked FAQ to answer as many questions as possible that your customer may have about his purchase. All this relationship of trust, reassures, and when you contact them again, you will have no trouble getting their full attention .and gain all the necessary credibility.

Social proof that boosts your sales

Have you ever placed an order after being seduced by the positive reviews of a product?
Conversely, you may have already been scalded by negative reviews of a product you were thinking of buying.

Customer reviews are great for boosting your sales. For those who are afraid of the negative opinion, you should know that it happens. But if this happened to you, then 2 tips:

  • Take the review into consideration and make sure that you don’t get any other bad ratings, because in this case, the product may not be good.
  • Never leave a review unanswered. Be diplomatic and professional. A negative review takes credit if the response you make is structured.

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews , it’s not a barrier to sales.
You can also use customer testimonials. It is a very strong social proof that gives a certain reliability to your products or services. A hesitant person can easily identify with a testimonial customer, which influences their decision to buy . As you will have understood, when you sell, you have to talk about yourself. Reviews and testimonials are ways to make sales that you might not have made without posting them. In the age of Web 2.0 where people feed on comments and opinions, it is important to highlight them on your site.
These 3 tips are simple to set up and do not requireno advertising budget and they can allow you to increase the sales of your site .

By implementing them, you will see an increase in your turnover in the months to come . Certain processes, such as making contact, take time because a relationship of trust is established over the long term, and not after 2 emails exchanged. Hence the importance of taking into account the Customer Lifetime Value, in other words, the value that a customer brings youfor a long period. A customer for whom you had a significant acquisition cost, can earn you money in the long term by placing an order with you. You must have this notion in mind and focus on the quality of the content you provide to unite your prospects and customers.

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