4Kings – Additional decision support for your cryptobro investments lost in the matrix

— This article is in no way an investment advice, but simply the presentation of a technical project around the blockchain. This is not a sponsored post. —

If you play the game of buying / reselling cryptocurrencies a little, you may wonder every time, WHEN to buy?

It’s not simple and not being a trader or cryptobro, I couldn’t tell you. But I imagine that you already have your little personal indicators such as technical analysis indicators, calls from an influencer in Dubai or your cat hanging behind its ear.

Anyway, there is a great site called 4Kings, which technically relies on the Fibonacci retracement indicator and which allows you to know at a glance if a crypto is in ”  It’s time to buy” / “It’s time to sell” / “It’s time to do nothing and wait” .

The site is therefore in the form of a list of cryptos, which you can order according to your desires and above all limit to certain exchanges (Binance, FTX, Kraken, etc.)

Obviously, you shouldn’t rely entirely on 4Kings because it’s an automated system which obviously has its limits, but it can allow you to make a pre-selection of crypto to look at in more detail.

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