Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit a single page on your website before leaving.
Regarding your collection forms , this rate is a relevant indicator for measuring their effectiveness. If you notice that your visitors quickly leave the page of your forms, without leaving the coordinates, it is that there are points to improve.
To help you, here are 5 ideas to reduce the bounce rate on your collection forms.

1. Include multiple conversion possibilities

Before wanting to improve your collection form, Internet users must already land on it.
Not everyone who visits your site will reach the bottom of the page where your call to action awaits them.
To avoid losing these prospects, include conversion possibilities in various places on the site: sidebar, pop-up, product sheet, blog, etc.

2. Prioritize step-by-step forms

Land on a page and discover a form as long as your arm? No thanks ! If you ask them to fill in too many fields, they will imagine that it will take them a long time. Most of your visitors will simply give up and close the window. Hop, a lost prospect!
If you absolutely want to ask for a lot of information, divide your form into several sequences embellished with various images, graphics and colors. Internet users will fill it out in stages and will feel less about the “length” of the form.

Form steps
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3. Make navigation intuitive

People can get lost easily if your form is split into several sequences. They may leave your site if they get lost.
You can avoid these dropouts by making navigation more intuitive.
The loading time must be very fast between each step: less than 3 seconds.
Also include links allowing visitors to return to the top of a page or to the previous page with a single click.

step form
Source : Holland Green

4. Ask only essential questions

Internet users do not have time to fill out a lengthy form. Also, they don’t like to give out too much personal information.
So avoid any superfluous question, which has no use for the qualification of the prospect.

Go straight to the point: beyond 10 questions, a form quickly becomes boring for Internet users.

Sample contact form
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Limit yourself to 3 questions after the basic contact details (surname, first name, email). Also, do not force them to give out information deemed “sensitive”, such as their address or telephone number.

5. Use a Clear Submit Button

By submitting his form, the user must know exactly what to expect.
The call to action for submission must therefore be clear: “I validate”, “I request a quote”, “I place my order”…

The slightest doubt about the consequences of his action makes your prospect suspicious, which may decide him to leave the site before the conversion.
If you want to reduce the bounce rate on your forms, you know what you have to do!

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