5 Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know that consumers spent $6.16 billion on St. Patrick’s Day in 2020? Yes, despite the pandemic, St. Patrick’s Day still generated a lot of enthusiasm!
In 2021, even if the health crisis persists, this holiday can be celebrated. Consumers are always looking for new opportunities to connect with loved ones. So why not take advantage of this Irish event to boost your marketing strategy?
Here are 5 ideas for integrating your products and services into the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day…

1. Go green !

Green is the main color of Saint Patrick’s Day. So, on March 17, redefine your graphic charter to put your prospects in the mood! Here are some ideas for putting green first:

  • Group your green products to create a thematic exhibition around St Patrick’s Day. Place them on the home page of your online store or in your store window.
  • Offer free shipping on green products.
  • Create an Irish version of your logo by incorporating shamrocks, leprechauns and the color green.
  • The color green is also associated with prosperity and wealth: take advantage of it to create animations, publications, stories and other formats that promote the successes of your business. Of course, the graphic charter of this content must be green!
  • You can also give a green gift to users who shop on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Awaken the green conscience of your community

Ecology is a trending topic that increasingly concerns consumers. Take advantage of this day to promote your ecological commitments and encourage your community to spend a green Saint-Patrick’s Day, in every sense of the word! For example :

  • Offer to donate a percentage of profits made on March 17 to an environmental association.
  • Run a promotion on your greenest items.
  • Introduce eco-friendly initiatives like planting trees, saving paper, recycling or using reusable packaging .

3. Launch special St. Patrick’s Day campaigns

You can generate buzz and brand awareness by launching St. Patrick’s Day campaigns in advance.
The goal: to help consumers prepare for this special day with your products or services.

  • If you sell food, offer Irish recipes and drinks to make for March 17.
  • Create promotional videos by integrating your products and services in a St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere.
  • Offer a free trial or gift certificates valid until March 17.
  • Organize lives or podcasts to interact with your customers on St. Patrick’s Day. You can even organize a virtual aperitif with your most loyal consumers.
  • Launch goodies for the occasion: t-shirts, totebags, pins, beer glasses…

4. Appeal to “Irish luck”

The famous 4-leaf clover is a lucky charm known all over the world. However, on March 17, we find it everywhere!
You can capitalize on this symbol to organize contests and offer gifts to your customers.

  • Organize contests on social networks to recruit new subscribers, while retaining your community.
  • Install a wheel of luck on your e-commerce to allow customers to receive a gift or a coupon during their purchases.
  • Offer to refund a shopping cart every 100 orders, for example.

The playful side of this meeting will necessarily please your audience, improve your image and create a link with your prospects or customers.

Source : Mukhlasur Rahman

5. Focus on storytelling

Exploring myths and legends is a big part of the St. Patrick’s Day program. Maybe you can adapt Irish folklore to your brand?
And if not, your customers surely have great experiences to share!

On social media, you can ask them to talk about their best St. Patrick’s Day, identify the people they want to spend the day with, or get imaginative in telling the perfect St. Patrick’s Day.

Another tip is to ask fun questions to your community to build rapport. For example: “What’s the best way to catch a leprechaun?” “. Fun answers on the way!
Combine this meeting with a contest to encourage engagement. Then you can compile the testimonials or responses into a fun video, to share on Facebook or via an Instagram story.
You don’t have to be Irish to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day! Take advantage of this festive day to establish a connection with your customers and boost your sales.

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