One positive review from a customer will have more impact on your prospects than dozens of marketing pieces promoting your business and products.
Our advice: highlight the positive testimonials of your consumers to convince the undecided. Where ? How ?
Here are 5 spaces to promote your customer reviews.

1. On your website

It is the first platform on which the testimonials of your customers must appear.
No matter what field you are in, these reviews will be very useful on the homepage of your website. It is an effective way to gain confidence in prospects or Internet users who discover your brand. With all this positive feedback, they will be more inclined to trust you and continue browsing.
However, for these testimonials to be effective, you need to use them wisely. For example, when you write an article extolling the economic side of your products, the best thing to do is to embellish this content with testimonials in this direction.

2. On your YouTube channel

Video testimonials are more believable than written ones. The resurgence of false written testimonials has greatly undermined the confidence of Internet users.
Internet users are, on the other hand, less inclined to think that a company would bother to edit a fake video. So they give more credit to this format.
Moreover, with a video, we can see the people who testify, feel the emotions they convey and identify more easily with them.

3. In sales support content

Sales enablement content is used directly by your reps, often in the later stages of the negotiation . At this point, prospects have narrowed down their options to 2 or 3 solutions that they believe fit their needs.
Testimonials will be useful for you to demonstrate to decision-makers that former clients, in a situation similar to theirs, made the right choice by trusting you.

4. On social networks

You can use testimonials in several ways on social networks: directly post a link to the review page, transform it into a captivating visual or a small animation…
You can even edit several short testimonial sequences into videos that you post to your Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube channel.

Whatever approach you use, make sure your posts fit into a cohesive social media strategy and guide your users to an action: visit your site, request a demo of your services, receive a sample …

5. As part of a traditional marketing operation

Good old brochures and other traditional media still have their place in your overall marketing strategy. This is particularly true for events such as training, demonstrations or congresses.
Make sure that printed documents are impeccable and do not lose their quality when switching from digital to paper. Also, when distributing traditional marketing materials that include testimonials, be prepared to deliver more decisions.
Those who receive the brochures will probably ask you questions about customer reviews, so now is the time to tell them how you solved their problems. Try to personalize each example according to the needs of your interviewer.
You now know how to use the positive reviews of your customers.
Of course, don’t forget to regularly encourage your consumers to leave comments : plan automatic emails a few days after a purchase, call for testimonials on your social networks, etc.

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