5 Software to stream your content

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Live streaming has become extremely popular. Whether you’re gaming or streaming, you need to find the streaming software that’s right for you. With a large number of solutions available on the market, how do you know which software to turn to?
This article walks you through some of the best streaming options and walks you through the different things to consider in finding the right one for your needs.

Open Broadcaster Software (Free), the open-source streaming software

OBS Studio free streaming software

Open Broadcaster Software streaming software is a great option for live streaming. It’s an open-source project that combines power and flexibility and above all, it was designed by the streaming community to be in tune with its needs!
While open source projects can be a bit tricky for beginners to get started with, it’s often worth it in the end. This software is highly customizable, and will do anything you ask!
If you can’t find a feature you need, the community keeps growing and innovating, so you can head to the forums and ask how to get it. You’ll have to be proactive in your learning and follow a few tutorials, but it’s definitely worth it.
Of course, like all open source software, OBS is free!

xSplit Gamecaster (Free), for streaming on networks

gamecaster free streaming software

The XSplit Gamecaster software is of very high quality. This is a free version of the high-end XSplit Broadcaster software. Very elegant, it benefits from many updates, without being very expensive, as long as you don’t need to access functionalities located behind the paywall …
The functionalities of XSplit Gamecaster are simplified and optimized for gamers. The software supports streaming software for Twitch , YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. It is also very intuitive, user-friendly, and above all, it is very stable!
This tool also comes with a very active community, so if you have a problem, you can find the solution quickly thanks to the support of the community. You will also easily find detailed manuals containing all the information you may need.

Lightstream (Free), live stream from your browser

Lightstream free streaming software

Lightstream is a browser-based live streaming software. According to their marketing team, they are “the Google Docs of live video production”. Lightstream Studio harnesses the power of the cloud for your streaming.
This (free) software offers tons of cool features. It offers hosting for guests, live chat support , beautiful and professional overlays, support to integrate other popular streaming tools…
Lightstream automatically chooses the best encoding settings based on your specific computer settings. It also automatically adjusts based on the stability of your internet connection. If you have a less powerful device or you don’t know how to adjust your streaming settings and want automatic settings adjustment, then Lightstream is for you!

Streamlabs OBS (Free), the software for professional gamers

Streamlabs OBS free streaming software

Streamlabs OBS has married two popular services to create a powerful tool. He relied on Streamlabs streaming tools and integrated OBS open source software (which gamers were already using in droves) to create a single software!
This software has gained great popularity, especially among gamers. It’s so user-friendly that even non-gamers love Streamlabs OBS, thanks to its customization capability and easy-to-use interface. Some features that previously required plugins are now grouped together in your dashboard, making them easy to find and use.
There are thousands of overlays, audio filters and editors, all free! It even includes social widgets for tracking donations , real-time alerts, and analytics charts. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to stream professionally.

Wirecast (Paying), to stream simultaneously on several platforms

Wirecast streaming software

Whether you use their Studio or Pro version, the Wirecast software edited by Telestream is a great option for your streaming needs. You can host guests, animate in 3D, and enjoy unlimited capture and encoding.
One of the great things about Wirecast is that it offers multi-streaming capability that lets you stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. The Pro version also comes with high resolution recording, and a ton of options like instant replay.
The size of the publishing company also guarantees constant updating of the service. Whenever enough users request a missing feature, developers set about developing it. Wirecast also has full technical support from a single point of contact.

The price: You have no reason to refuse their 30-day free trial, except for the price of the 2 versions offered at the end of the trial period: $479 for the Studio version, and $639 for the Pro version . Ouch!
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