5 Tips For Creating a Punchy Slogan

5 Tips For Creating a Punchy Slogan

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“Just Do It” is a punchy slogan that has remained in the memories. What characterizes it? Its short , concise and easy to remember . The tagline is your company’s mantra. It tells the consumer who you are and what you stand for in a few words. Impossible for him to forget you, even drowned under a plethora of marketing messages.
How to find a punchy slogan that stays in the memories of your prospects  ? Here are 5 steps to follow!

1. Start at the end

Nike : Just do it

Where will your business be in 5 or 10 years? What do you want your brand to represent? Who do you want to help?
Answering these questions helps you envision the future of your brand , however small it may be at the moment. You will be able to create a captivating slogan by starting at the end.
The advantage of projecting into the future? Your slogan will cross the ages and build your memorable brand.

2. Determine the emotions to evoke

The best slogan is the one that appeals to the emotions. How do you want consumers to feel when they think of your business? Happiness, pride? Or something more complex like freshness, confidence or hedonism?
Finding the perfect emotion also involves using the right tone. With it, it is impossible to miss your target audience. For example, a dynamic , fun tone , punctuated with exclamation , speaks to younger generations. They will sense that you are “cool” and “hip”. Conversely, when targeting corporate executives, a solemn tone is best. It will engender trust, professionalism and expertise. Important emotions in the B2B field.

3. Find a story

Harobo: life is beautiful

The story is an important part of marketing. The stronger your story , the more your sales increase.
A tagline that tells a story becomes part of your marketing and your brand . Your audience understands what you offer and what sets you apart from the competition. It remains a direct way to highlight the qualities of your products or services.
Among the successful slogans, which tells a story in a single sentence , let us cite the example of Haribo and its “life is beautiful, for adults and children”. We immediately understand that eating a Haribo candy contributes to a good mood and joie de vivre.

4. Think about the target audience

The perfect slogan is one that targets your potential customers.
Think first of the consumer who uses your products or services. The slogan should speak to him personally . This way, he will identify with your brand. L’Oréal’s “Because I’m worth it” directly evokes the target: women who want to feel good about themselves and who are looking for effective beauty products.

5. Brainstorm

At this stage, you know the main lines that characterize your slogan. The next step ? Gather your team and gather your ideas to find THE slogan . Do not exceed a committee of 10 people to be productive.
Reserve time slots dedicated solely to brainstorming . It takes at least 3 hours to forget about everyday life and be creative. Our advice: organize two brainstorming sessions separated by a few days.
Come up with at least 10-20 ideas to start with. The goal is to flex your creative muscles. From this melting pot, you will be able to combine terms and expressions to find a punchy phrase that enhances your brand.
By following these 5 steps, get ready to shout “Eureka!” “. Are you hesitating between several slogans? Test them on your entourage, your colleagues and even on a sample of consumers. You will see which sentence is the most effective.