The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. He retains 80% of what he sees against only 20% of what he reads.
Visuals help grab and hold the attention of your audience. They have the power to improve your marketing campaign and ensure its return on investment.
Want to get the most out of your visuals? Here are 5 tips to help you!

1. Each visual has its own objective

As for each axis of your marketing strategy as for each published content, the key to success is to reason in objective. What action do you expect after publishing your visual?
Your infographics, photos, videos, animations can fulfill several missions:

  • Reinforce the image of your company
  • Educate your audience
  • Promote a product or service
  • Arouse an emotion
  • Connect with your audience

For your visuals to stand out, you must perfectly define their mission (it is possible to choose 2 or 3, large maximum). Also consider the next action:

  • Download content,
  • Visit your website,
  • Share the visual,
  • Comment on your post…

The more you have thought about the why of your visual, the more you will be able to achieve your business objectives.

2. Create infographics using copywriting techniques

Infographics can simplify complicated information and make “difficult” topics more appealing.
According to a study by IGW , consumers prefer this format over advertisements, presentations, articles and blog posts. However, everyone has taken to producing infographics. Your competitors too. Maybe you post regularly.
So how do you stand out? How to optimize what is already done elsewhere? By making your infographics more engaging and relevant than others. And to do that, you’ll need a proven method: copywriting .
This discipline consists of perfectly writing sales pitches thanks to a 3-step writing.

1. Profit

Above all, it is necessary to inform your audience of the reasons for consulting your infographic. Challenge them with a question, a statement or a figure that raises a point of pain. You have to tickle their curiosity.

2. Empathy

Build a connection with your audience by showing that you understand the issues they face and listing reasons for overcoming their pain points. This will bring you closer to your prospects and customers .

3. The solution to the problems

Give advice, tools and best practices to solve their problem. You thus show your expertise to convince prospects to call on you or your products.


3. Unify your visual marketing

Use the same visuals on your different marketing channels, taking into account the specificities of each platform. When a customer is attracted to an image on a Facebook post and clicks on your link, they should find that image on the page. Ideally, he should also review this visual in the newsletter or via a retargeting campaign .
This is just an example channel, but it is valid for all your channels:

  • Instagram,
  • Google Ads,
  • The home page of your website, etc.

Reusing a flagship visual is a great way to create the illusion that your brand is everywhere. This ensures that your audience will remember you, while having a strong and positive image of your business.

4. Include links in visuals

Whether it’s an infographic, image, video, or meme, be sure to include a clickable link on your visuals.
This practice increases your click-through rate while providing valuable data to improve your marketing campaign. You can reuse the most clicked images in your advertisements on social networks or on the home page of your site. Chances are they’ll drive the engagement you want and drive leads where you want them!
In addition, by inserting clickable links on the visuals, you optimize the user experience on mobile. Text can be hard to click, unlike an image or video.

5. Optimize pages around visuals

Many websites use visuals as an illustration of text. How about testing the reverse?
Design your web pages around your video or infographic. Obviously, stick to one visual per page so as not to drown out the message. Be sure to highlight them, before the fold line, and refer to them regularly in the text. Maybe your prospects are more receptive to pictures than words!

Visuals can boost the performance of your marketing strategy. The key is to approach the creation and distribution of this content as you do with any axis of your digital marketing. Think objective, action, relevance and empathy, then analyze the results to optimize your photos, infographics, videos or graphic frames, in order to get the best out of them!

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