6 Best Benchmark Apps For Android (2023)

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In this guide, we will Discover: 6 Best Benchmark Apps For Android.

Is Your Android Device As Good As The Manufacture Claims It To Be?

Your Android smartphone looks spot-on, and shiny and comes with a decent screen size. It feels premium too. But, after all the bells and whistles, it all boils down to how good a performer your smartphone is. Over a period of time, you might also assess if your investment was worth it. Enter benchmark apps for Android that test your device on various parameters. And, what’s even better, you won’t have to break the bank to test your smartphone using these apps.

So, before we enlist some of the best benchmark apps for your Android smartphone, let’s first understand what a benchmarking app is and how can it help you.

What Is A Benchmarking App For Android and What Does It Do?

These apps test your Android phone against industry standards and let you know how your smartphone compares to other phones.

On a personal front, a benchmarking app will help you determine what would happen if your smartphone is made to reach its maximum capacity when performing day-to-day tasks such as processing and gaming. Or worse, what will happen if it crashes?

Here are things that benchmarking apps check –

  • CPU capabilities.
  • GPU processing functionality.
  • How good is the battery life of your phone?
  • Can help you determine any impending issues such as the smartphone becoming nonresponsive.

Benchmarking apps simulate real-life scenarios. That said, they offer a rough estimate. So, it is always recommended to know what to expect before you follow the results.

6 Best Benchmarking Apps for Android

 GeekBench 5

For a benchmarking app for Android, GeekBench 5 does a great job. If you look at the interface there are two sections – “CPU” and “Compute”. The “CPU” section gives you critical information about your device and it is here that you can run a CPU Benchmark where the app tells you how your Android’s CPU will perform in everyday tasks.

In the next section i.e. the “Compute” section, you get important insights on your GPU, resolution, and PPI. And, here you can run a benchmark test to know how your GPU will perform in tasks like image processing.

AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark

Despite not being on the Google Play Store, AnTuTu is a benchmarking app for Android that users of all levels swear by. It is known for delivering comprehensive and professional results related to the performance of your Android device. After you get a score for your device, you can compare it with others as well.

As for what is being tested – AnTuTu gives an overall percentage that is inclusive of the performance of the elements mentioned below –

  • How GPU fairs up in various games, especially in 3D scenes.
  • MEM test that evaluates the RAM and ROM performance.
  • CPU performance.
  • UX test



Another benchmark app for Android that can help you test and compare the performance of your smartphone is 3DMark.It suggests the tests that are best for your device. All the benchmark results are shown via comprehensive hardware monitoring charts. You can even assess how your own device fairs up against other models. If you are someone who is into heavy gaming, this app is must have on your device.

Furthermore, if you are looking to purchase a new Android smartphone and want to know if it is worth it, 3DMark even helps you with that as well.

CPU Throttling Test

CPU Throttling Test

The app boasts over 1 million downloads and is one of the highest-rated apps. It checks your smartphone as soon as it starts to heat up. It loads the CPU with up to 100 threads to assess its performance. The performance metrics – maximum, minimum, and average performance are shown via a graph.

Once the test finishes, the app will let you know how much CPU throttling took place. You can also use the app to determine the cooling differences between two phones that use the same chipset but come from different manufacturers.

PassMark Performance Test

PassMark Performance Test

PassMark is one of the best benchmark apps for Android. It covers over 25 tests spanning 6 categories. These include CPU tests, memory tests, disk tests, 2D graphics tests, and 3D graphics tests. All in all, PassMark tests your device in every way possible. You also get vital system information about your device on aspects such as OS version, phone model, the chipset used, CPU information (information on cores), etc

PCMark for Android

PCMark for Android

This smartphone benchmarking app lets you benchmark battery life and performance based on day-to-day activities that are performed on your device. Again quite like various other apps in the list, you can check how your Android smartphone fairs up against other models.

When installed the app, it further recommended installing the Work 3.0 benchmark. You can also add (or remove) other tests as well and don’t worry! You won’t lose your test scores.


All the above-mentioned benchmarking apps for Android are capable of analyzing your device’s performance and that too with a decent level of accuracy. Which one is your favorite? Your favorite app didn’t make the list? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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