6 Best Free WordPress Themes 2022 (Best Guide)

In this guide we will see 6 Best Free WordPress Themes 2022. If you’re starting your blog on a budget, a free WordPress theme is a great way to cut costs.

The problem?

There are literally thousands of free WordPress themes to sort through. And when you search Google for tips, you’re greeted with articles offering dozens (if not hundreds) of free WordPress themes.

Let’s be honest:

You don’t need a list of dozens (or hundreds) of free WordPress themes 2022, you need a small list of guaranteed, expert-verified themes.

free wordpress themes

1. Writee by Scissor Themes

theme write

Writee is a theme that emphasizes your writing, as well as room for a bold full-width image.

Key Features of Writee

  • Responsive design
  • Clean and minimal appearance
  • Bold images (this is where “striking images” come from)
  • Multiple blog archiving options – list or grid view
  • Customization via native Wordizer Customizer
  • Full-width or boxed slider
  • WooCommerce Compatibility

Final thoughts on Writee

Writee is a great theme. This contrasts with some of the other free WordPress themes on this list, where you’re expected to put in a bit of elbow grease to customize them.

With Writee, you just need to turn it on and start writing.

2.GeneratePress de Tom Usborne


GeneratePress is another popular option recommended by experts. That is to say, it is a lightweight theme that you can adapt to any niche or need.

In performance tests, GeneratePress generally ranks ahead of the pack, which is great if you want your blog to load quickly. Beyond that, it also comes with good support.

Key Features of GeneratePress

  • Super lightweight and performance optimized (less than 30 kb)
  • Tons of customization options in the native WordPress Customizer
  • Compatible with Gutenberg block editor
  • One of the best free responsive WordPress themes, with a great design for mobile
  • Excellent code quality
  • Integrates well with all major page builders including Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • Works with WooCommerce
  • 5 stars from over 800 reviews on WordPress.org

Final thoughts on GeneratePress

GeneratePress will look pretty basic when first installed. However, the magic of this theme lies in the many WordPress Customizer options that allow you to create it exactly the way you want.

If you are willing to put in some time, you can build your dream theme and it will all sit on a lightweight, performance-optimized foundation.

Finally, the theme developer, Tom Usborne, offers incredible support if you need a helping hand.

3. Neve by Themeisle


Neve is a lightweight theme optimized to work with the new WordPress block editor (also called Gutenberg editor). It is also on the list of most popular free WordPress themes on WordPress.org, which means that even though it is new, it has a lot of appeal.

While you can certainly customize Neve to suit your needs, it looks more ‘polished’, and it comes with a variety of pre-built demo sites that you can import with just a few clicks.

Main features of Neve

  • design responsive
  • Designed to work well with the new WordPress block editor
  • One page design
  • Customization Options in WordPress Realtime Customizer
  • Mega menu support
  • Importable demo sites
  • Works with WooCommerce

Final thoughts on Neve

Neve is a great choice if you want something that will look great as soon as you install it.

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If you like the default look, you can just install it and start working. Or, if you want to edit the stuff, but don’t want to edit it yourself, you can also import one of the pre-made demo sites by clicking a few buttons.

4. Reykjavik by WebMan Design


Reykjavik bills itself as a free business WordPress theme, but it has an awesome look that can be just as well suited for blogging or other niches.

Key Features of Reykjavik

  • Design responsive
  • A great blogging layout with room for a full-width image
  • Accessible by default – meets WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 requirements
  • Customization via native Wordizer Customizer
  • One-click demo content import
  • Compatible with all major page builder plugins

Final thoughts on Reykjavik

Reykjavik is another option that will give you a great site from the second you install it. The clean style also highlights your content and will further satisfy your love of Nordic style.

Note : While the previous screenshot showcased the homepage dedicated to Reykjavik businesses, I would recommend clicking the demo as the blog page has a great full-width layout that really puts the spotlight on it. focus on your content.

5. Ali


With a focus on visual imagery, Cali is a great option for fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogs.

Beyond its looks, Cali also packs in other useful features for bloggers, such as a newsletter integration (via the MailChimp plugin for WordPress), dedicated social media areas, followed buttons at the top and bottom. bottom of your page, and space for your Instagram feed (via the WP Instagram Widget plugin).

Cali Key Features

  • Design responsive
  • Full-width carousel at the top of the screen
  • Lots of spots to showcase your featured images/visuals
  • Customization via native Wordizer Customizer
  • Built-in social media buttons (two different locations)
  • Works with WooCommerce
  • Integrations for MailChimp for WordPress and WP Instagram Widget (the theme recommends you to install these two plugins)

Final thoughts on Cali

Cali’s looks are perfect for lifestyle, fashion, or travel blogs…or any niche with an emphasis on imagery.

Beyond that, it integrates social media well in its design, if you are active on social media, that is another great advantage of choosing this theme.

6. Didi Lite


If you want something minimal that will emphasize your strong words, Didi Lite is a great free option that has one of the simplest aspects on this list. The theme offers plenty of spaces and unique typography options that will make your site stand out.

As the name “lite” suggests, there is also a premium version that you can buy if you want more layouts and customization options in the future.

Main features of Didi Lite

  • Design responsive
  • Minimal look with lots of white space
  • Multiple options on the homepage to display your latest blog posts
  • Beautiful typography
  • Demo content
  • Designed to work well with Elementor (and other page builders)

Final thoughts on Didi Lite

With its minimalist design, Didi Lite is a great option for text-heavy blogs, as well as fashion or lifestyle blogs (because you also have the option of displaying large featured images).

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This is also another good option if you want a theme that looks “polished” as soon as you install it.

7. OceanWP


OceanWP est un autre thème gratuit qui suit les principes de caméléon de GeneratePress. Encore une fois, cela signifie que c’est une base flexible que vous pouvez intégrer au thème de votre blog de rêve.

Comme Neve, OceanWP propose également des sites de démonstration gratuits que vous pouvez importer si vous ne souhaitez pas personnaliser votre conception à partir de rien.

Main features of OceanWP

  • Design responsive
  • Versatile and flexible appearance
  • Uses native WordPress customizer for customization
  • Predefined importable demo sites
  • Offers a number of free extensions
  • Lots of different header options
  • Designed to work well with popular WordPress page builders
  • Works with WooCommerce
  • Active on over 300,000 sites
  • 5 stars from over 2,100 reviews on WordPress.org

Final Thoughts on OceanWP

OceanWP has many similarities to GeneratePress, but it’s a bit more focused on flexibility in design and functionality, rather than just using a lightweight canvas.

For example, you’ll find official free extensions for social media sharing, sticky headers, and more that you won’t get with GeneratePress.

1. Free WordPress Themes vs Premium Themes: Is There a Difference?

When it comes to free WordPress themes versus premium WordPress themes, there are many misconceptions.

Have you seen people write things like “Premium themes are coded better than free themes”? Or “premium themes offer better designs”? How about “premium themes load faster than free themes”? Or even “premium themes are more secure than free themes”?

As someone who lives in the WordPress space, let me tell you, none of this is true. It is simply impossible to make these generalizations based solely on the price of a theme.

Free themes are code.

Premium themes are code.

You can have perfectly coded free themes and poorly coded premium themes. You can have well-maintained free themes and premium themes that haven’t been updated in years. And, of course, the opposite can also be true.

Moreover, many themes are both free and premium. For example, the Generatpress theme, comes in both free and premium versions, and the “basic” theme is exactly the same. The code doesn’t suddenly become “better” when you open your wallet, does it?

Long story short:

There isn’t a single inherent difference between free and premium themes and there’s no reason you should feel pressured into using a premium WordPress theme.

So if you absolutely love a free WordPress theme, it’s from a quality developer who maintains it, and it already does everything you need it to, use it and be happy!

This does not mean that premium themes have no advantages.

There is, of course, a reason why premium themes exist, and a premium theme might actually be a better option for your unique situation, especially as your blog starts to grow.

Even if you’re starting out with a free WordPress theme, here are some reasons to consider going pro in the future:

  • Better support : Although some developers offer basic support for their free themes on the forum, paying for a premium theme usually means you get at least 6-12 months of premium support. If you’re the type of person who likes to ask for help, that might be a reason to go professional.
  • More Features : While not true in all cases, many developers will lock in more advanced features beyond a Pro version (like more customization options). This is true for GeneratePress, OceanWP, etc. Sometimes paying for these features is worth it.
  • Continuous Updates : When a developer earns revenue from a theme, they have more incentive to keep updating and improving that theme. This increases the chances that your theme developer will continue to pay attention.
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2. How Much Do Premium WordPress Themes Cost?

With each developer setting their own prices, the cost of premium WordPress themes varies widely.

However, on average, you will spend around $60 for most premium WordPress themes.

Typically, this price comes with one year of support and updates for your theme. After that first year, you can continue to use your theme on your site, but you’ll have to pay again if you want to continue receiving support and updates.

3. What is the difference between free WordPress themes and free WordPress templates?

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are very different. A WordPress theme controls the design of your entire website.

A WordPress template controls the layout for a specific page (or specific pages) on your website – for example, your contact page, your individual blog posts, etc.

In short, if someone tells you they’re looking for “free WordPress templates” or similar, it’s probably themes.

4. Can I use a WordPress theme if I’m not on WordPress?

No, WordPress themes are for websites using WordPress as a CMS (content management system).

If you use Wix, Blogger, or another blogging platform, you won’t be able to use WordPress themes for your website design.

5. How to find WordPress themes?

If you are still looking for the perfect WordPress theme after our list, here are some tips for other spots where you can find WordPress themes.

For free WordPress themes, it’s best to use the official WordPress.org theme directory.

Besides generally being a huge collection of free WordPress themes, another plus is that every theme listed in the directory has to go through a basic code review process.

While this process isn’t foolproof in eliminating all issues, it does mean that any theme found on WordPress.org will at least be free of major errors or issues and coded to a minimum quality level.

For premium WordPress themes, it’s up to you to choose according to your needs. However, you won’t run out of options. Browse, read reviews and test as many demos as you can.

So what is the best free WordPress theme?

It will depend on your needs and situation. All the free WordPress themes mentioned in this article are of excellent quality.

Take each for a try.

See which one fits your website and don’t forget to let us know in the comments section which one you prefer.

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