6 Free Android Emulators for PC and Mac

Want to play mobile games on your PC or Mac ? Well, it is possible! To do this, you just need to download and use an Android emulator . Emulators let you run Android apps on your computer. But since the number of emulators available on the market is constantly growing and they are not all equal, here we offer you our selection of the best Android emulators . But before that, let’s go back to the few fundamentals in order to fully understand what an emulator is and what we can do with it . Let’s go !

  1. What is an emulator?
  2. Why use an Android emulator for PC?
  3. Here are the best Android emulators for PC and Mac
    1. LDPlayer
    2. NoxPlayer
    3. MEmu
    4. BlueStacks
    5. Andy
    6. KoPlayer

What is an emulator?

An emulator is software designed to reproduce the behavior of another terminal on a computer or device so that the latter behaves like the terminal you want to imitate. Oula, I got confused myself ^^ To make it simpler, this software takes care of pretending to be another and therefore giving the possibility of using the programs of the terminal which is emulated.

As for Android emulators , they will then allow us to launch Google‘s famous mobile operating system, hitherto specific to smartphones and tablets, on our PC or Mac. Thanks to an Android emulator, applications downloaded to the smartphone can be accessed from a computer.

Why use an Android emulator for PC?

There are plenty of valid reasons why someone would want to use an Android emulator on their PC. It is an excellent tool for application developers who can thus try and test their application before even offering them for download.

Then, an emulator for PC offers a different gaming experience because, as we have seen, it allows you to use applications or play games only available on mobile or tablet. With an emulator, you can play ” Clash Royale “, ” Subway Surfers “, ” Lords Mobile: Tower Defense “, ” Brawl Stars “, ” DIY Joystick “, ” Roblox ” using a keyboard and mouse or gamepad. Game.

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As you will have understood, an Android emulator for PC offers many advantages both from a gaming experience point of view and from a practical point of view. To help you see more clearly in the jungle of Android emulators for PC, we have selected the best free emulators available for you.

From what I have read on the net, all the emulators below do not behave the same way from one PC to another. I think it all depends on the configuration of the PC. So it is better to try them all. For my part, the three emulators that run best on my PC are: LDPlayer, NoxPlayer and BlueStacks.

Here are the best Android emulators for PC and Mac



LDPlayer is an Android emulator that lets you play Android games and apps on your PC. It is a fairly new emulator, but it has already gained popularity thanks to its stability, ease of use and support for different languages, including French.

Moreover, LDPlayer offers a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of features, making it the ideal choice for gamers who want to enjoy the best Android gaming experience on their computer.

Finally, it should be noted that LDPlayer offers excellent performance, allowing you to run the most demanding games without any problem. It also has built-in functions that allow you to record your gameplay or take screenshots.

All in all, LDPlayer is one of the best Android emulators available in the market. 


Nox Player

NoxPlayer is an Android emulator developed by Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. It allows you to run Android apps and games on their personal computer or laptop. NoxPlayer is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems, and can be downloaded for free from the developer’s official website.

The emulator has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. It supports multiple languages ​​including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Chinese. Apart from running Android apps and games on your computer, for example, you can use NoxPlayer to manage multiple social networks by creating multiple instances. You can also access the Google Play Store directly from the emulator to download new apps or update existing apps.

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Overall, we found NoxPlayer to be a very useful tool for running Android apps on a PC or Mac. The interface is fluid and easy to learn.



MEmu is an Android emulator that lets you run your favorite Android apps and games on your PC. It’s easy to use, supports a wide range of features, and offers excellent performance. Whether you are looking for an emulator to play mobile games on your PC or want to develop apps for Android, MEmu is a great option.

One of the best things about MEmu is how easy it is to use. The interface is simple and straightforward, making it easy for everyone to learn. You can choose from a variety of presets or customize the settings yourself according to your needs. And if you need help getting started, there are plenty of online tutorials that can walk you through it.

MEmu also supports a wide range of features including keyboard mapping, multi-touch controls, gamepad support, and more. It is therefore ideal for gamers who want to play their favorite mobile games on their PC, as well as for developers who want to test their applications in different environments or debug them locally before putting them online. Moreover, thanks to its high levels of performance and stability, users can enjoy smooth gameplay without any lags or glitches that might interrupt their experience.



BlueStacks is an Android emulator that lets you run Android apps on your computer. It is available for free download from the BlueStacks website.

BlueStacks app player has a number of features that make it a great choice for users who want to run Android apps on their computer.

First, it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. Second, it has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. Third, it provides access to a wide range of Android apps and games. Finally, it offers high performance and stability.

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The process is quite simple: just install BlueStacks, download the APK files (Android apps) you want to use, and open them in BlueStacks. You can also use the Google Play Store to find and install Android apps. Thus, you have the possibility to play famous mobile games like ” Clash Royale “, “” Hearthstone ” or ” PUBG Mobile ” directly on your Windows or macOS computer.

Overall, BlueStacks is arguably one of the best Android emulators for users who want to enjoy mobile apps on their computer.


Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator is software that lets you run Android apps on your computer. It’s a great tool for developers because it lets them test their apps in a variety of environments. However, it is also useful for ordinary users, who want to play Android games or use other apps on their PC or Mac.

Andy is easy to set up and use. Just download the emulator and follow the onscreen instructions. You’ll need an active Google account to use Andy, but once you’re up and running you’ll be able to access the full range of Android apps and games from your computer.



KoPlayer is a free Android emulator that lets you run Android games and apps on your PC. It offers fast performance, stable emulation, and support for a wide range of controllers. You can use it to play games like ” PUBG Mobile “, ” Fortnite Mobile  “, ” Asphalt 9: Legends “, and many more.

KoPlayer also includes features such as screen capture and macro recording. You can use the latter to automate complex tasks in games or apps. The emulator also supports cloud storage so you can save game progress and online data without having to worry about losing it if your device runs out of storage space.

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