In recent years, the digital transition has become a real challenge for companies.

Between SEO, content marketing, social networks… There are so many elements that have a significant impact on the visibility of a company on the web and the generation of a large number of leads in order to reach them. turn into a customer.

These acquisition levers and channels offer unrivaled opportunities to date.

Even if the generation of leads is done more easily thanks to digital, it nevertheless requires a certain investment of time and skill.

The lead is therefore precious.

It is essential to follow it and qualify it in order to convert it and thus maximize its ROI.

Lead nurturing is the ideal solution to this challenge.

This lead management strategy consists of following a lead throughout the life cycle and feeding it with personalized and useful information in order to qualify it and make it make a purchase.

We offer you 6 steps to implement an effective lead nurturing strategy.

Table of contents 

  • 1. Set goals for your lead nurturing strategy
  • 2. Segment leads
  • 3. Prepare the content to broadcast during your lead nurturing strategy
  • 4. Set up an automated journey
  • 5. Spot your hottest prospects
  • 6. Measure your chances of success: KPIs
  • 7. Ensure the relay between the marketing team and the sales people
  • In conclusion on the implementation of a lead nurturing strategy

1. Set goals for your lead nurturing strategy

Before embarking on the technical steps of your lead nurturing strategy, it is necessary to set specific objectives.

To do this, the SMART method  is ideal. It structures your main objective by qualifying it:

  • Specific.
  • Measurable.
  • Reachable.
  • Realistic.
  • Temporally defined.

With this method, you formulate all your goals in a clear, simple and achievable way.

2. Segment leads

Lead segmentation  is a crucial and important step in implementing a targeted and personalized strategy.

To carry out this operation, define your marketing target  and segment it into categories using criteria, such as:

  • The sector of activity: craftsmen, schools, public administrations, etc.
  • The type of company: independent, VSE, SME, ETI…
  • Turnover,
  • The geographical area…

Following this segmentation, have a personalized approach. Thus, your prospect will more easily identify with the messages transmitted.

The more you manage to segment your leads, the more effective your lead nurturing campaign is and the more you manage to win new customers.

3. Prepare the content to broadcast during your lead nurturing strategy

Preparing the content to broadcast during your lead nurturing strategy

Content is the element to place at the center of your lead nurturing strategy.

Using your goals and the segmentation of your potential customers, define what type of content to broadcast for each lead.

To ensure the success of your strategy, your content must be:

  • Personalized,
  • Quality,
  • Regular like the recurrence in the sending of emailing campaigns for example.

One of the most common criteria in lead nurturing to personalize your content is to identify what stage your lead is in the sales funnel .

The buying cycle is generally divided into 3 phases depending on the maturity of your prospects:

  • The discovery phase, during  which you offer general content to the lead, present your offer.
  • The evaluation phase  where you show the added value and compare the available solutions.
  • The decision phase  during which you try to convince him to choose you rather than a competitor.

Take into account as much information as possible to send the right message, at the right time and to the right person!

4. Set up an automated journey

As mentioned in the introduction, digital lead generation has never been easier and faster.

The tools to generate traffic on your website have developed massively and your database can quickly become substantial.

If it is made up of thousands of prospects, lead qualification can take a very long time, so you need to automate this process.

For this, there are many Marketing Automation software like Hubspot or Sendinblue .

My advice:  surround yourself with the solution with which you feel most comfortable.

Be careful, automation saves time, efficiency and relevance, but do not neglect personalization.

Indeed, you are looking to create a real relationship with our lead. So, if a “robot” effect is felt, all confidence will be immediately lost!

5. Spot your hottest prospects

Spot your hottest prospects

The exact definition of a hot prospect is someone who shows some interest in the offer being offered and is likely to take action.

In the case of a lead nurturing strategy, a hot prospect is someone who shows an interest in the content sent to them and who interacts more with you.

The most effective solution to spot your hottest prospects is  lead scoring  !

This technique consists of awarding your prospect a number of points  based on their actions.

This number of points reflects the level of interest of this prospect for your business. In addition, it also serves as a trigger like sending an email once you reach a certain number of points…

6. Measure your chances of success: KPIs

Digital Marketing is one of the few activities that accurately measures the return on investment of your actions.

It is possible to rely on tangible elements to measure the effectiveness of your lead nurturing strategy.

A KPI is a performance measurement indicator that evaluates each action of a strategy, campaign or independent actions.

Remember, in step one, you set goals to achieve.

To measure them, attach to each objective a KPI such as:

  • The conversion rate,
  • The open rate and click rate,
  • The time spent on your newsletter,
  • Revenue generated by qualified leads, ROI…

7. Ensure the relay between the marketing team and the sales people

Ensure a good relay between the marketing team and the sales people

The work between marketer and salesperson is complementary, their activities are closely linked. It is important that they work together.

Indeed, if you put in place a lead nurturing strategy today, it is to accompany your prospect until the act of purchase, stage at which the salesperson takes over.

It is therefore essential that these teams communicate to ensure coordination throughout the process in order to win new customers.

To ensure this communication, the sales people must be involved from the start of the implementation of the strategy.

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