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  • Choose the title of the article
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  • Writing the draft
  • Draft check
  • Tips when writing an article

Choose the title of the article

The author should choose a title that interests him to focus on for a week or two, usually preferring to narrow down the subject of the research, search for a dedicated topic instead of writing on a general topic, then write a rough draft containing all the ideas of the writer, the writer should enjoy the freedom of thought, enjoy the process of sharing information with others, put aside the draft for some time, then imagine that he is the reader of his article, assume some questions that readers of different categories may ask, put it on a list, and then try to find positives about it.


At this stage, you should look for research-related matters such as definitions, statistics, quotes by famous people, anecdotes or annotations, references to local events, and places if the article is about a local topic, collect all these things, and put them in a file.

Writing the draft

Writing a new draft containing the information obtained may lead to the writing of a new draft that is completely different from the author’s first draft, then reading the draft, making sure it is clean, efficient, enjoyable to the reader, and uninterrupted.

Draft check

The information in the draft should be checked to ensure that it contains all relevant topics and their comprehensiveness, and when the article contains a lot of information, the information must be divided and subheaded, as well as the need to divide complex information into steps.

The author should read his article when he has finished writing it to a friend, ask him about the information contained in it, how comprehensive it is, take advantage of the observations put forward in improving the article, and make sure that the information sequence in his article, the use of the tools to link it and continue to read the article and modify it until it is ready to publish.

Tips when writing an article

Tips to follow when writing an article include:

Use reliable sources of information: The author should be careful when searching for his information on the Internet, and be careful to take from reliable sources such as well-known newspapers, industry experts, government websites, or university sites, and rely on several unrelated sources to ensure that the information is fully accurate.

Writing short and clear paragraphs: Short paragraphs give an easy reading, in addition to pushing the reader to read the successive paragraphs in the article, as well as the need to pay attention to the placement of spaces between paragraphs, and to ensure that the paragraphs are short, strong, and specific at the same time.

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