6 Ways to Insert a Degree Symbol in macOS (2023)

6 Ways to Insert a Degree Symbol in macOS (2023)

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In this tutorial, we will learn: 6 Ways to Insert a Degree Symbol in macOS (2023)
So, let’s begin!

You may need to add a degree symbol for various reasons, such as mentioning temperature or doing geometric solutions. Instead of writing a word “DEGREE” or just copy-pasting ( ° ) – by pressing a hotkey, aka keyboard shortcuts, you can Type degree symbol Mac.

This article will show you how to type degree symbols in word, photoshop or excel Mac.

How To Type Temperature Degree Symbol On Mac

Keyboard shortcuts help write the Special Characters and Symbols. If you need to know which keyboard shortcut to type a degree on Mac, read this article.

How To Type Degree Celsius Symbol On Mac

There are different ways to type degrees on Mac, and we have tried to cover all of them.

Way 1: Press the Option + Shift + 8; this combination of keys will Degree like this 104°.


Way 2: Press the Option + 0 (Zero Number); this combination is a masculine ordinal indicator mainly used in written language.


Way 3: Press the Option + K; this combination of keys will show a small ring, which looks like 104˚.


Way 4: Press the Globe Key to open the Character Viewer; enter Degree in the top right search bar.


In the result, you will get Degree variants, such as ° °C and °F. Select the one you want to add to your context.


Way 5: To type “°” without the keyboard, first of all, you need to enable input language in the menu bar.

macOS Ventura And Later 

  1. Navigate to the Apple Logo. Click System Settings…
  2. Select Keyboard. Choose the Edit Button next to the Input.
  3. And then, enable the toggle next to Show In the Menu Bar.

For macOS Monterey And Earlier 

  1. Go to Apple Logo. Click System Preferences…
  2. Select Keyboard. Choose Input Source. 
  3. Check the box next to the Show In Menu Bar.

Once you do, Keyboard Input Icon from the menu bar and select Show Keyboard Viewer.


Next, hover the mouse over Option and click on it. Immediately click on Shift, and 8 numbers will replace ° Symbol. Click on it. That’s It!


6 Way: Copy & Paste ° Symbole

7 Way: Using Keyboard Text Replacement

Bottom Line

That’s how you can type the degree symbol premiere pro Mac. Let us know if you have forgotten any way that you are familiar with in the comment box below.

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