To continue their development, it is usual for start-ups to have to seek funding. At this stage, it is essential to have clear ideas and a well-defined guideline, which the pitch deck can help with. This document aims to present the essential points of his project, and above all to arouse the interest of potential investors to make them want to finance it.

However, creating a pitch deck with many slides can take some time. In order to help start-ups, WeLoveNoCode, provider of low-cost and no-code business applications, has designed a series of templates for Figma.

Arguably, Liza Dziuba, the creator of these slides, is pretty legit when it comes to approaching investor presentations. Thanks to this type of templates, she managed to raise a million dollars!

Templates adaptable to each project

Whether your company operates in retail, technology or another field, WeLoveNoCode is the ideal ally to prepare your pitch deck. The sixty downloadable slides allow you to present many aspects of your start-up, such as the solution sold, the competition, the market study, the business model or the team. So many elements that provide a complete overview of your company.

With just a few clicks, it is possible to build the ideal pitch deck thanks to the design elements available. In case of difficulty during its development, it is always possible to draw inspiration from the examples of presentations offered on WeLoveNoCode.

Each slide adapts to your project thanks to the customization features . Once you’ve opened the file in Figma, you can edit each slide with the most important data or numbers that best illustrate your business. Once done, simply export your presentation in PDF format so that it can be read and accessed by all potential investors to whom you send it.

As users of these slides explain, these templates are easy to use and save valuable time. Enough to focus more fully on the development and design of your project!

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