7 Best TV Remote Apps for Android In (2023)

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In this guide, we will discover: 7 Best TV Remote Apps for Android In (2023)

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1. Google Home

Unquestionably, Google Home is among the greatest remote apps for Android devices. Its main job is to operate Google Chromecast and gadgets compatible with Google Home. That implies that for this to function, you will require one of those items. Otherwise, it’s not too difficult. Simply choose a song, show, or movie then you project it onto your screen. You can use your voice to operate many different gadgets, including TVs. The app supports voice control, and smart home connectivity, and has a programmable remote-control interface.

2. Twinone Universal TV Remote

Twinone Universal TV Remote

Twinone Universal Remote is among the better and free TV remote apps available out there in the Android market. Once you have set it up, using it shouldn’t be a problem. It supports well-known TV brands like Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, and setup boxes as well. Additionally, it contains capabilities like volume control, power management, and voice search. The advertising is the only unpleasant aspect at the moment. There isn’t a solution for getting rid of them.

3. Lean Remote

Lean Remote

Lean remote is among the most popular and dependable universal remote apps for Android. Its best feature is the versatility of the app. You can use it to operate your TV as well as Android TV boxes, air conditioners, DVD players, soundbars, and other smart home appliances.  It is compatible with IR and Wi-Fi devices. This app supports a very long variety of companies. The app is accessible for free and does not contain any advertisements.

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4. Sure Universal Smart TV Remote

Sure Universal Smart TV Remote

SURE – Smart Home Remote app, like any universal TV remote app, Smart TVs, conventional TVs, media streamers, smart lights, air conditioning units, etc. Approximately one million devices are supported by the app, which is fantastic given that some premium options support fewer devices. With the help of a Wi-Fi-to-IR converter, you can utilize it with smart devices that support Wi-Fi control. 

5. Yatse


Yatse is a well-liked remote-control tool for Kodi that has tons of functions. It ranks among the top Android TV remote control apps. You can use your set-top box(es), and various TV, and streaming devices to cast content necessary to improve your TV viewing experience. Additionally, Emby and Plex servers are natively supported. Direct content streaming from your preferred app to Google Chromecast, AirPlay, FireTV, and Roku is possible with the remote.

6. RCA Universal Remote

RCA Universal Remote

Because it includes all the functions that a typical RCA remote can carry out, the RCA Universal Remote Control created by Illusions Inc. is very simple to use and will give you the impression that it is a real RCA universal remote. Your TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player, and a number of streaming gadgets will all be compatible with it. The company has provided screenshots for the users’ reference. By following two simple instructions, the App is simple to set up.

7. Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote Controller

The Mi Remote controller app can be used without a Xiaomi phone, which is advantageous. However, Mi Remote will function with practically any phone that has an integrated IR blaster, whether it is a Samsung, Sony, HTC, or Huawei model. You only require an Android handset with an integrated IR blaster. Almost any IR-controlled equipment, including TVs, air conditioners, DVD players, digital cameras, etc., can be controlled.

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