I put below a list of wordpress plugins recommended for referencing (Seo) to choose those that suit you in order to optimize your blog for search engines. In this list you will find free extensions, and others paying.

Best WordPress Plugins for Seo


Le plugin All in One SEO

All in One SEO is the first SEO plugin anyone will suggest. This plugin allows you to easily add to your blog meta description, titles and keywords..etc. You can do the same for individual articles. However, now instead of using All in one SEO, I recommend that you switch to WordPress SEO by Yoast.

The WordPress SEO Plugin

If you use ALL in One Seo, it’s time to migrate to “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. Yoast released an updated version of all plugins and integrated them into “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. “WordPress SEO by Yoast” is one of the best free SEO plugins. It allows you to add robots Metas like “All in one SEO”, in addition, you can control these metas for your entire blog. This is one of the highly recommended plugins.

Download: WordPress Seo By Yoast

Broken link checker plugin:

Broken link checker is a very useful plugin to find all broken or broken internal and external links. It is strongly advised to remove these links for better SEO optimization, but this plugin should be used with caution as it consumes a lot of resources, which may cause problems for your web host.

Le plugin WordPress SEO smart link

It is an extension that facilitates the linking of your articles, it allows you to make internal links between your posts, which is a good practice for Seo.

Download: Seo smart Link

The SEOPressor plugin:

SEOPressor is a paid plugin, it optimizes your articles for SEO, and offers some advanced options like LSI keywords, keyword density score and SEO score. It tells you if your article is well written and optimized for search engines. After the Panda update, this plugin became one of the highly recommended SEO plugin for WordPress.

SEOpressor is compatible with all themes, and you can use it with WordPress SEO by Yoast.

The WordPress Robots Meta Plugin

This plugin allows you to add “no index” and “no follow” tags. Skip this plugin if you have optimized your “robots.txt” file for search engines. With this plugin, you can access “robots.txt” and “.htaccess” files on your WordPress dashboard, for quick editing .

Download plugin

SEO friendly Images:

By optimizing your images, you can drive a significant amount of search engine traffic to your blog. This plugin adds “Alt” attributes to your images. Another thing you need to take care of the names of your images. If you download images with the name, ima2345.jpeg or DSC5671.jpeg, you must strongly change your habits. To download

The KeyWord density checker plugin for WordPress

Adding “meta keyword” is an important task, your keyword should be repeated 1-2% in your article. “KeyWord density checker” will help you check the keyword you used in your article and how many times that keyword was repeated. With this plugin you can optimize your articles for search engines. Download plugin .

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