7 Online Gifts Delivery Apps For Android & iOS

7 Online Gifts Delivery Apps For Android & iOS

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In this guide, we will learn: 7 Online Gifts Delivery Apps For Android & iOS – guide 2023

Why would I need a gift delivery app for Android or iOS to surprise someone?

Everyone loves being surprised with a gift. It’s not how big or expensive the gift is, what matters more is how much heart and thought is put in by the person gifting it. But, in this day and age, where because of our busy schedule we hardly have the time to think about our well-being let alone buy a gift for someone. Let’s give some of the best gifting apps to offer us gifting suggestions, shall we?

Why take help from gift-giving apps? First, here you will find choices for both Android and iOS. Next, the apps offer a vast category of gifts you can choose from regardless of gender, age, or occasion. You could even find something that your furry friend would love.

7 Best Online Gift Delivery Apps

1. Amazon – Best Overall Online Gift Delivery For Every Occasion

Size Download Link Rating Website
Android  iOS Android  iOS Android  iOS
59 MB 181.1 MB 4.4 4.8

If you are planning to send gifts online, Amazon immediately pops up as an option. Tap on the hamburger icon and further tap on Gifting, you can find gifts catered to any age or gender. Apart from gender and age, you can filter out gifts across an ocean of categories.

These include gift cards, fitness & sports, birthday, home decor, shoes, and watches, you name it. Amazon gives you complete freedom to choose where you want the gift to be shipped and if you want it gift-wrapped.

2. Giftagram – Best Gift Giving App For iPhone For Curated Gift Packages

Giftagram app

Size Download Link Rating Website
Android  iOS Android  iOS Android  iOS
NA 88.1 MB NA NA 4.5

Giftagram lets you select gifts for both men and women. You have a wide category of gifts to choose from – sweets/desserts, tech/gadgets, gourmet, and various others.

This is a great app if you want curated gift packages. In fact, you can pick from packages attested by experts. What’s even better is that this gifting app doubles up as a reminder. This means, you can now be reminded when it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary. You can also create a personalized message apart from choosing a great gift for them.

3. GiftList – Great For Planning and Sharing Gift Lists

GiftList app

Size Download Link Rating Website
Android  iOS Android  iOS Android  iOS
7.2 MB 22.2 MB 3.4 4.3

GiftList makes it easy for you to exchange gift wishlists with family and friends as well as track occasions. You can set reminders for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

You can create a personal gift registry, share it with friends, and also invite others to edit the list. This makes it one of the best gift registry apps for birthday gifts. One of the things that we liked is that this gifting app lets you fetch details from any site while keeping you updated on price updates. The other aspect we liked is the fact that you can chat about specific gifts with your friends discreetly.

4. Giftster – Wish List Registry

Giftster app

Size Download Link Rating Website
Android  iOS Android  iOS Android  iOS
19 MB 40.4 MB 3.6 3.8

Every time an occasion strikes, we sometimes are out of ideas as to what gift to get. Enter Gifster, a gifting app with the rightful tagline – Get Gifts Right. Every Time.  One of the great aspects of this app is that it facilitates inviting family members, in case some of you are planning to pitch in and give someone something commendable.

You can view each other’s wishlists, reserve gifts, and even strike out duplicates. What’s more? You can add items from websites across the globe.

5. 1800Flowers – Gift Flowers On Any Occasion

1800 flowers app

Size Download Link Rating Website
Android  iOS Android  iOS Android  iOS
13.63 MB 122 MB 4.2 4.6

Flowers make for great gifts, regardless of the occasion. Nothing can beat a beautiful bouquet of flowers, whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, or simply selecting a bunch for your special someone.

As a great gift-giving app, 1800Flowers even lets you select your flower arrangement, type, fragrance, look, etc. You can even schedule when you want the flowers to be delivered.

6. Givingli – Gift Creative Greeting Cards To Loved Ones

Givingli app

Size Download Link Rating Website
Android  iOS Android  iOS Android  iOS
NA 134.3 MB NA NA 4.8

A small greeting card can bring big smiles to someone’s face. Don’t believe us? Try Givingli. There are thousands of customizable card templates to choose from. You can get as creative as you want and use fonts, colors, and stickers to make your cards more attractive.

Want to make your card more personal? How about adding your own photos? Not just cards, you can even choose from hundreds of gifting options as well. You can choose to set reminders for special occasions.

7. Perfect Gifting – The Name Speaks For Itself

Perfect Gifting app

Size Download Link Rating Website
Android  iOS Android  iOS Android  iOS
41.85 MB 26.9 MB 3.7 NA

Guesswork might work elsewhere, but when it comes to giving gifts, it’s better to make informed decisions. Exactly what this gifting app for iOS and Android does. No matter who you are or who you are getting gifts for, Perfect Gifting helps you select the right gift.

You can make wishlists or use the wishlists of others to see exactly what they want. The reserve feature lets all others except the giftee know that a particular gift is reserved.

What’s Your Pick?

If you expect your gifting app to open up a catalog of options, you can opt for Amazon or Etsy. But, if you want to get more creative, and share gifting wishlists with friends and family you can pick GiftList or other gift-giving apps from the list. Do let us know what is your choice in the comments section below.