8 Best Alternatives to World Star Hip Hop App for iOS in 2023

8 Best Alternatives to World Star Hip Hop App for iOS in 2023

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This guide is focused on providing users with a list of the 8 best alternatives to the World Star Hip Hop app for iOS in 2023. If you’re a fan of hip hop and enjoy staying up to date with the latest news and music in the genre, then you’ve likely heard of the World Star Hip Hop app. However, there are other apps available on the App Store that offer similar features, such as playing hip hop song mixes and broadcasting the latest hip hop news. In this guide, we’ve compiled a curated list of these alternatives that you can explore and try out on your iPhone or iPad.

What Is World Star Hip Hop App?

The World Star Hip Hop App is an iOS mobile application that provides users with access to the latest hip hop news, music, and viral videos. The app was created by the entertainment website WorldStarHipHop.com, which is known for featuring user-generated content, including rap freestyles, fight videos, and other viral clips. The app allows users to stream hip hop music and watch videos from the WorldStarHipHop website, as well as create and share their own content. It has been popular among hip hop fans, particularly those interested in the latest trends and news in the hip hop world.

Alternatives to World Star Hip Hop App for iOS

1. DatPiff- Mixtapes & Music

Alternatives to world star hip hop apps DatPiff - Mixtapes & Music
Alternatives to world star hip hop apps DatPiff – Mixtapes & Music

DatPiff has long been the largest collection of mixtape music on the internet. With the DatPiff app, you get access to this vast library of mixtapes and healthy hip hop music. Furthermore, the app is the go-to resource for the latest and greatest of all time rhythm and blues (R&B) music.

It lets you download music tracks for offline playback. Online streaming is always available when you’ve got Wi-Fi or mobile data internet. Some other notable features of this app are outlined below:

  • Exclusive music from top R&B and hip hop artists daily
  • Free for public consumption of mixtapes and hip hop music
  • Abundant collection of underground R&B and hip hop music
  • Find new artists
  • Become a fan of independent artist and their music compositions

You can download the app on your iPhone and iPad for free. There are no in-app ads and purchases either. Moreover, you don’t have to subscribe to any plan and pay a fixed fee monthly like other mainstream music streaming apps.

2. Spinrilla- Mixtapes & Music

Spinrilla is yet another top alternative to World Star Hip Hop app. According to the developer of the app, it’s the gorilla of hip hop songs and music weighing 800 lbs. Also, the developer claims that it’s the first ever mixtape music app to appear on App Store.

The app doesn’t just collect and stream hip hop mixtapes from prominent hip hop artists. It also gives a platform for independent hip hop artists to shine and showcase their talent in the music industry.

Some notable in-app functionalities are:

  • Supports in-car entertainment systems when synced with the mobile app. However, you must follow all the traffic safety rules and drive responsibly when driving.
  • You no longer need to rely on the smartphone’s equalizer to give mixtape playback a hip hop vibe. Simply use the built-in equalizer of Spinrilla for treble enhancements, bass boosting, and so on.
  • Get a list of trending hip hop every day
  • You can sync music playlists from one device to another just by using the Spinrilla app.

You can use the app for free with ads and playback interruptions. The best way to enjoy hip hop is to subscribe to affordable plans like $1.99 for Premium and $0.99 for Pro subscription.

3. Lyriqal – Hip Hop News and Music

Healthy hip hop Lyriqal - Hip Hop News & Music
Healthy hip hop Lyriqal – Hip Hop News & Music

Lyriqal hip hop music app is also a must-try app if you’re hunting for the best World Star Hip Hop alternatives. Besides hip hop music, it also serves the latest and trending hip hop news, local hip hop news, hip hop music videos, and more.

The app features the best hip hop content channels, popular artists, independent artists, independent hip hop content creators on the web, and hip hop influencers.

The app gives you access to many channels. The followings are the main categories of channels from which you can explore the kind of hip hop music and music videos you like:

  • Interviews of hip hop influencers, artists, rappers, and more
  • Rap music and music videos
  • Urban fashion
  • African American lifestyle and culture
  • Music reviews
  • African American celebrity gossip and news

You can download the app for free. Also, listen to hip hop music and watch videos or news coverages without paying or watching ads.

4. HotNewHipHop

HotNewHipHop is one of the best online magazines for hip hop culture and African American artists, cultural influencers, rappers, and content creators. Its iOS version is the HotNewHipHop app.

It covers the latest news of the hip hop spectrum in the US, publishes new songs, streams mixtapes, releases hip hop albums, and produces unique editorial content tailored just for hip hop lovers like you.

Its notable features are as mentioned here:

  • Trending and viral news on hip hop culture, songs, sports, lifestyle, technology, politics, and sneakers
  • Top hundred content
  • Features like reviews, editorials, lists, and interviews
  • Dedicated sections for videos and artists

5. HipHopNowTV

Alternatives to world star hip hop apps HipHopNowTV
Alternatives to world star hip hop apps HipHopNowTV

HipHopNowTV is an iOS app for hip hop lovers. Those looking for reliable and instant news updates on hip hop and the urban entertainment industry will find it to be useful.

Using this app, you can stay informed of the latest hip hop music video releases, live programs, artist interviews, red carpets, and social media updates on urban pop culture and industry.

6. World Hip Hop News

World Hip Hop News is your perfect source for music news. It brings you the latest news on hip hop, rap, and R&B.

Using this app, you can see 12 news articles at a time on your iPhone and 25 articles on your iPad screen. Thus, it saves your time and labor for scrolling.

Here, the news gets loaded quickly and you can save your favorite articles for quick access.

Moreover, it lets you share the articles with your friends.

Thanks to its support for all video and music formats, listening to the latest music and video from your device is a breeze.

7. Hip Hop Radio Stations

Hip hop music app Hip Hop Radio Stations
Hip hop music app Hip Hop Radio Stations

Hip Hop Radio Stations is a World Star Hip Hop app alternative where you can listen to the best hip hop radio stations in the world.

Use this app to listen to new hip hop, R&B, and rap running in the background as you work on other apps.

You can play and pause the music even when you‘re on the lock screen. Just search using tags like radio hip hop, rap, music, US rap, R&B, etc., to find your favorite music tracks.

8. The Hip Hop Agenda

The Hip Hop Agenda app is designed with the aim of encouraging the younger generation to explore their roots and connect with hip hop culture. By delving into the ideas presented throughout hip hop history, users can gain a deeper appreciation for the music and gather knowledge about its origins. The app also serves as a platform for users to connect with others who share similar interests and exchange their thoughts and insights.

One of the standout features of this iOS app is its celebration of significant occasions in hip hop culture, including album releases, birthdays, and historical events. The app has a calendar that enables users to search for daily historical events by song, artist, date, or album name.

In addition, The Hip Hop Agenda app offers a range of content, such as artist interviews, premieres, and docuseries, as well as news articles covering trending music, entertainment, and culture. Overall, the app provides users with an enriching experience that goes beyond simply listening to hip hop music.


Having learned about the best alternatives to the World Star Hip Hop app, you can now try them out on your iOS device. These apps offer a wide range of features, and we’re confident that you’ll be able to find one that suits your preferences from this list.