8 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools You Must Use

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To ensure that your online application functions properly on PC, mobile, tablet, and other device categories, cross-browser testing tools are crucial. These tools examine responsiveness over Chrome, IE, Safari, and other browsers as well as UI inconsistencies and code validation. They support the delivery of a constant user experience across platforms and devices. Let us check the cross-browser testing tools that you can use.

List Of 8 Best Cross-Browser Testing Tools

1. BitBar

To guarantee a consistent user experience, BitBar by SmartBear provides the most dependable cloud-based web and application testing platform. Get rid of the fuss with fast access to devices and browsers that you don’t have to buy or maintain.

  • Run manual and automated tests quickly in the cloud on the newest and most widely used devices and browsers.
  • The ability to execute Selenium and Appium tests in the cloud. 
  • Provides live, automated, local, cloud-side execution, device cloud, and other types of testing.
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Trial Version14 Days

2. Lambda Test

Lambda Test

You may test your web service or website’s cross-browser interoperability using the cloud-based LambdaTest platform. On LambdaTest’s scalable cloud grid, you can run Selenium scripts and even carry out live testing in actual browser settings.

  • Utilize a scalable Selenium grid with more browser environments to run Selenium automation tests.
  • Automated testing of your website’s screenshot and responsiveness can be done.
  • Use SSH Tunnel to test your privately or locally hosted website.
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3. HeadSpin


Users of HeadSpin can securely carry out cross-browser tests on several real devices using the cloud. Users can quickly judge their mobile app or website’s responsiveness, as well as load testing to make sure you get 100% accurate findings.

  • To scale your remote automated cross-browser testing activities securely, get a versatile distributed infrastructure.
  • Through the unique USB hub, HeadSpin gives developers the ability to see non-noise interfered data.
  • For 100% accuracy, test on thousands of actual devices.
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Trial Version30 days
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4. Virtuoso


Testing on any operating system, browser, or device can be automated with Virtuoso by utilizing AI. To get complete, end-to-end test coverage and ensure that your web apps are flawless everywhere. Create functional tests utilizing Natural Language Programming, integrated API testing, and Visual Regression tests.

  • Explain tests in Natural Language test automation.
  • Create tests using the requirements or wireframes. 
  • Eliminate test upkeep with AI-driven abilities.
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5. TestGrid


You may use TestGrid to test application on actual devices that are hosted in the cloud. To achieve a quicker release time, tests can be performed manually or automatically. Without any prior programming experience required, you may work with your testing teams to create and carry out test cases.

  • Carry out automated tests on an on-premises or cloud-based selenium grid that is secure, dependable, and scalable.
  • Check the launch of any  privately hosted websites to ensure no errors occur.
  • When you need it, support is available for both new and old devices.
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6. Browsershots


One of the testing tools that is an web browser testing platform is called Browsershots. It enables you to test websites across all operating systems and browsers. With great options including OS system, browser type, JavaScript status, and flash settings, browser shot allows you to execute cross-compatibility testing. 

  • Easily interfaces with Bugzilla and JIRA.
  • Supports Chrome’s headless browser.
  • Provides XML-RPC techniques.
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PriceFree, Opensource

7. Browser-Stack


Web browser testing is available using Browser-stack. One of the cloud-based browser compatibility tools. So there is no need for installation, and the developer tools that are already installed are helpful for speedy cross-browser testing. You may set up a thorough testing environment using Browser-stack that supports firewalls, proxies, and Active Directory.

  • Both manual and automated testing are supported by the program.
  • supports the headless version of Chrome.
  • Create a mockup of real mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.
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Trial Version30 days

8. Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs

This is a top cross-browser testing solution for mobile apps and online testing platforms. You may use it to perform tests on around 260 browser platforms and devices in the cloud. Sauce Lab can view a list of recently completed tests in order, along with details on the build, runtime, testing environment, and results.

  • Interacts seamlessly with GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, and Bamboo
  • Offers support for the headless versions of Firefox and Chrome.
  • Execution in parallel right out of the box
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Trial Version28 days

The Final Word

We hope the above tools help readers to choose a Cross-Browser testing tool that suits their requirements. You can try the ones with a trial version before you purchase it to understand how the cross-browser tool functions.

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