9 Best Alternative Ebook Sites To Bookzz.org in 2023

9 Best Alternative Ebook Sites To Bookzz.org in 2023

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In this article, we will discover: 9 Best Alternative Ebook Sites To Bookzz.org in 2023

Ebook is preferred by many when compared to the paperback edition of the book because they are easy to store, and you can read them anywhere on your phone, tablet, PC, or even Kindle. Below is a list of the best Bookzz alternatives for downloading ebooks. 

1. Z-Library

Site URL: https://zlibrary.to/

Bookzz closed and moved to B-ok, but now they have moved to Z-Library. After shutting down in 2017, they moved to a different domain called B-ok.org; however, they lost this domain and are now online as Z-Library.

Z-Library Domains Seized by US Department of Justice

This is the same as Bookzz, so it comes with the same method of downloading eBooks. On this site, you will get more than 2 million books and more than 52 million articles. All the ebooks and articles on this site are free; you can download content from it, read it on any device you have, or even share it with your friends.

2. Library Genesis

Site URL: https://libgen.li/

It is one of the most popular ebook libraries, with around 2 billion books. You can easily find any ebook on the Library Genesis and download it on your device. Searching for books is quite easy on Library Genesis.

There are filters like publishing year, author, series/standalone, language, and more. You can find ebooks in various niches, including science, comics, magazine, manga and fiction, etc. 

3. PDFDrive

Site URL: https://www.pdfdrive.com/

PDFDrive is another free eBook portal that you can use to download free eBooks. It has a collection of thousands of books of every genre and niche. Downloading books from PDFDrive is quite easy. Go to the website and search for the book you want to download. You will get the book in the search result, which you can download. 

4. Scribd

Site URL: https://www.scribd.com/

On Scribd, you will find various audiobooks, eBooks, and e-magazines. Scribd is not free and You will have to pay a monthly subscription fee if you want to use Scribd. Well, Scribd has a wide library of e-books.

You will find all genres and categories of e-books, e-magazines, and audiobooks on this. Every book you search for will be available on Scribd, so it is worth spending the subscription money if you are an avid book reader. 

5. Free Ebooks

Site URL: https://www.free-ebooks.net/

Free-Ebooks is one of the best Bookzz alternatives that you can use. It has a library of millions of ebooks, so you will find almost every book that you want to read. It is quite easy to find ebooks on this website. The UI is not that difficult to get ahead with. Simply search for the book you are looking for and you will have it. 

6. Booksee

Site URL: https://en.booksee.org/

Booksee is also an ebook portal with a wide library of more than 2 million ebooks. They have ebooks in various formats, so you can easily read them on any of your devices.

You need not register on Booksee to download ebooks from the website. Not only this, but their site is also for mobile, so you won’t have any issues while navigating the site on your phone. 

7. AllITBooks

Site URL: https://allitebook.xyz/

This site is for everyone in the IT Field. Be it students or working professionals in the IT field. You will find eBooks related to this field. This website has eBooks for programming, certification, and much more. If you are in the IT field, you will find eBooks useful. 

8. Kopykitab

Site URL: https://www.kopykitab.com/Free-eBooks

Another great alternative to eBooks is Kopykitab. This website is beneficial for students. You will find eBooks for your courses like higher education, professional courses, school, and others. If you are a student looking for free eBooks, you can head to Kopykitab. 

9. Open Library

Site URL: https://openlibrary.org/

Open Library is also an ebook portal to find eBooks of all categories and genres. You can browse the book by subjects on the portal or search for the book by name. Not only this, but if you want, you can create your account and upload your books on it. 


If you are looking for a one-stop destination for downloading eBooks for free, then you can refer to the article above. We have listed some of the best Bookzz alternatives in this article which you can use to download eBooks.

Not only this, but some of the alternatives mentioned in this list also allow users to download magazines, articles as well as audiobooks.