9 Best FREE Label Printing Software for Windows 11/10

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In this 2023 guide, we will explore the nine best free label printing software options for Windows 11/10. Label designing and printing software is critical to product branding and marketing. An eye-catching label can make the difference between a customer being interested in your product or choosing a competitor’s product. However, designing labels can be both time-consuming and expensive. Thankfully, label printing software for Windows can complete the task easily and at no additional cost.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to research a software’s usability before blindly selecting one. It’s best to choose software that is both cost and time-efficient while also checking its capabilities and functionalities. However, this task can be overwhelming for a busy individual. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top label printing software options for Windows 11/10 that have exceptional features and functionalities for designing marketable labels, making your job easier.

Best Label Printing Software for Windows 11/10

1. Gimp


Gimp is a professional software for creating and printing labels like CD labels, badges, business cards, and other labels. The best part of the Gimp label printer is to insert QR codes and bar codes with images and other modifications on their labels.

Moreover, you can also import data from external sources like Excel, MySQL, or Oracle into the software. Gimp has a clear user interface with an easy usage process to enable users to do their work without distractions. Finally, the software is open-source and free to use.

Price: Free


2. Inkspace


If you want an easy-to-use label design software, Inkspace will be a perfect choice. You can make stunningly attractive designed labels using the free templates available inside the software. Apart from labels, you can also create business cards, CD/ DVD stickers, brochures, etc., with Inkspace.

In addition to pre-design templates, you can also import data from MS Excel or MS Access to include in your label. Finally, it results in several downloadable formats like PNG, SVC, PDF, and others.

Price: Free


3. SSuite Label Printer

SSuite Label Printer

This is utility software for designing customized labels for professional purposes. The SSuite is a complete package of different software, including address, envelope, mail merge, and QT Writer Express. You can use the software without any tutorial, as all the options are will segregated on the interface.

The label designs present in the SSuite are all designed by renowned graphic artists and are mainly free to use. However, you can also design your own label using the different available components.

Price: Free


4. Avery Design and Print

Avery Design and Print

It is a widely used label printing platform that you can use to design and print stunning labels. Avery Design and Print lets you prepare label sheets, name tags, and business cards. In addition, there are many free usable templates in the software, allowing many customizations to its users.

You will also get free access to its photo gallery, where you will find thousands of images to be used with a label. Above all, the label printing platform is web-based, so you don’t have to download it to use it.

Price: Free

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5. Krita


It is another software designed to conveniently design barcode, shipping, and merchandising labels, for small and medium businesses. Krita has a powerful build quality featuring thousands of predefined label formats. Moreover, Krita is capable of directly fetching data from third-party software.

The software takes very little time to prepare a professional label design. In addition, you can directly get print out from external barcode printers using this software.

Price: Free


6. LibreOffice


If you want to create labels for your business Merchandise by importing data from an external database, LibreOffice will help you out. You can insert images, barcodes, QR codes, and serial numbers in your labels using Label Printer. Additional features are also available inside it to make your work convenient.

It also can print different labels with the same kind of information more than once. All over, it is a must-have label printing software to use.

Price: Free


7. Paper Label Maker

Paper Label Maker

Our next inclusion is an amazing software designed for creating labels and business templates. The software has all the required features with an easily navigable interface. For example, you can insert horizontal and vertical bar codes in labels along with different elements.

Paper Label Maker also allows you to insert different images, logos, text, etc., in your label. The unique software is free to download and use.

Price: Free


8. Open Office

OpenOffice Writer

This is another open-source software you can use to design and print professional labels with a low budget. You will get a template package to be downloaded separately to design pre-plant labels. There are also options to insert images, font work, text, graphics, etc., in OpenOffice.

The label printing software outputs ODT, OTT, SXW, PDF, and other downloadable formats. You can also instantly print your labels using a printer. 

Price: Free


9. Adobe Spark (Express)

The Adobe Spark web app can be used to print labels. While most Adobe products are designed for more advanced users, Adobe Spark is so easy to learn that even novices can quickly become productive.

Adobe Spark

There are several pre-made templates available to speed up and simplify common tasks. Easy customization options include replacing or adding colors, text, and special effects. As a result of its faster workflow, many people are looking for Adobe Spark’s free edition.

This software’s compatibility with other Adobe products means you can take advantage of even more of Adobe’s extensive feature set. Once you’ve made your label, you may have it printed on various common photo printers.

Price: Free and Paid


10. Canva

Canva is an intuitive online tool for creating beautiful, high-quality designs, even if you don’t consider yourself a designer. Canva simplifies the design process for everything from social media graphics and presentations to business cards and posters by providing a library of editable templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.


Layers, grids, and team collaboration tools are just some of the advanced design elements that can be found on this platform. There are also over a million stock pictures, drawings, and icons.

Canva can help anyone produce beautiful visual material, whether a seasoned designer needs a new tool or someone who has never picked up a graphic design program.

Price: Free and Paid

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