9 free online services for effective telecommuting

With the global Covid 19 crisis, many online services have experienced a significant gain in popularity. Due to the explosion of teleworking and the fact of confinement, several services have been in high demand, such as videoconferencing or file sharing.

To provide these essential services, many reputable players exist, of course, but a collective wanted to offer an alternative: these are the ”  CHATONS “.

Kittens and their values

“ Chatons ” is here, in addition to a little play on words, the acronym of “ Collectif des Hébergeurs Alternatives Transparents Ouverts Neutres et Solidaires ”. This name reflects their concern: to provide as many people as possible, especially during confinement, with the essential services often required on the Internet, but in an ethical manner.

The collective also claims that these are free, ethical, decentralized and solidarity-based online services . All services are accessible without registration, and no personal data is collected, which is often not the case with traditional providers of this type of tool.

Essential services, free and without registration

So what are these services offered on entraide.chatons.org ? They are currently 9 in number:

  • collaborative text editor with the Etherpad tool (alternative to Google Docs)
  • videoconference tool with the Jitsi Meet tool (alternative to Skype, Zoom, etc.)
  • An appointment booking tool with the Framadate tool (alternative to Doodle)
  • collaborative table with the Ethercalc tool (alternative to Google Sheets)
  • file sharing tool with the Lufi, Firefox Send or Plik tools (alternative to WeTransfer)
  • Another for sharing images with the Lutim tool (alternative to Imgur)
  • post-it board with the Scrumblr tool (alternative to Padlet)
  • link shortener with the Polr, LSTU or rs-short tools (alternative to bit.ly)
  • secure text sharing tool , which encrypts content with the PrivateBin tool (alternative to Pastebin)
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Online free services

So there is something for all tastes and needs! It should also be noted that Les Chatons intends to continue after the Covid crisis, and to develop new offers.

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