9 Twitter stats that matter to marketers in 2022

Marketing strategies aim to adapt the company to the implicit or explicit demands of the market they exploit. The idea is to know and target the potential needs of consumers and thus conceptualize the products and services to be created. In fact, communication, advertising, promotion… are actually only part of the marketing strategy, the part which is in this case the most visible to the public.

A good marketing department must be able to gather as much data as possible concerning the market of the product or service to be marketed in order to establish an effective commercial strategy which can complement the development of the company’s marketing plan .

9 Twitter stats that matter to marketers in 2022

Knowing Twitter statistics is the first step if you plan to communicate about your activity via this social network. In recent times, the social network figures have never shown such a meteoric rise, in the context of the Covid and the generalization of teleworking. We have gathered Facebook figures, or Youtube statistics , to help you choose the right social network for your business , and establish your social media strategy .

These social networks represent a wealth of opportunities with enormous potential to increase the coverage and awareness of your brand.

Among social media, marketing on Twitter is specific, given the short lifespan of these tweets and its character limit.

What is the number of Twitter users? How popular is Twitter among consumers? What Twitter demographics should you consider?

In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 Twitter metrics to include in your e-commerce brand’s social media marketing strategy.

1. Number of Twitter users

One of the first questions that comes to mind when considering Twitter as a webmarketing lever is: how many people use Twitter?

In 2022, Twitter has an average of 330 million monthly active users. Of these, 62% of them, or more precisely 206 million, use the service daily ( Statista, 2022 ).

This progression has been steadily increasing since the creation of the network in 2017, with a peak in 2020 at the time of the Covid19 pandemic.

If we have long had doubts about the economic potential of Twitter, whose figures pale in comparison to the number of Facebook users of 1.5 billion every day, recent events have demonstrated all its power.

It is indeed the power of information that billionaire Elon Musk recently offered himself by buying Twitter for 44 billion in April 2022.

In addition, Twitter generated in 2021 a turnover of 5.07 billion dollars .

so there is no doubt that Twitter’s reach for any marketing campaign remains enormous.

Twitter has come under fire in recent years, particularly given instances of harassment and suspected involvement in US politics. Even today and in France as well, these criticisms are topical. Twitter still reacted by cleaning up to 70 million fake accounts in 2010 alone.

Keep in mind though that approximately 500 million people access Twitter every month without logging into an account. These Twitter figures reflect the real reach of the social network, which remains an important medium throughout the world.

2. Twitter demographics: Age

Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok may have captured the attention of younger demographics, but Twitter has its own distinctive audience. Twitter’s demographic data gives you information about the profile of its users and therefore whether they correspond to your target audience.

Know that all generations are found on Twitter, even if each one does not cover all of the concerned.

Thus the largest Twitter audience share is for 25/34 year olds, with a proportion of 38.5%. ( Statista 2022 ).

Clearly, Twitter attracts a more mature audience than Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

The adult Twitter user in the United States appears to be approaching the upper end of this range – with a median age of 40.

But this group is followed by 35-49 year olds (20.7%), equally (and it is a phenomenon rare enough to be mentioned), the over 50s and the 18/24 year olds (17.1%) . 13/17 year olds come in last, with 6.6%.

3. Twitter Demographics: Gender

In terms of global demographics by gender, Twitter is more popular among men than women, but the gap is clearly narrowing (+10% women vs. 2021).

56.4% of Twitter users worldwide are men, compared to only 43.6% women (Statista, 2022), which puts the ratio of men to women at two to one.

Here’s another interesting Twitter stat to consider when creating your Twitter campaigns: women tend to interact more with brands on social media than men.

4. Average time spent on Twitter

The average time spent on Twitter is 10 minutes per session ( SimilarWeb, 2022 ) – a Twitter stat that has grown significantly in recent years (just three minutes in 2019) and even caught up with other social networks. The lifespan of a tweet remains short (15 to 20 minutes).

The popularity of Twitter as a medium of information is on the rise and it is one of the main reasons why people use Twitter.

Twitter has become a popular medium for communicating the latest news. Indeed, journalists make up almost a quarter of all verified accounts on Twitter. Not to mention politicians and influential people in all economic sectors of society. Integrating Twitter into your web marketing strategy is therefore a wise choice if your audience is interested in news, and/or your activity is linked to a sector with changing and regular news.

The problem with live events: many tweets report fake news and rumors while the event is happening.

News in the form of short tweets allow easy and fast consumption of information.

The best time to post on Twitter  is one of the most interesting Twitter statistics to know for your strategy.

5. Twitter downloads from the Apple Store

These Twitter stats are telling: There were 11.7 million downloads of the Twitter app in the App Store in the first quarter of 2019 , recording a 3.6% year-over-year increase (Sensor Tower , 2019).

It was also the highest number of App Store downloads per quarter for Twitter since 2015.

But despite the increase, the Twitter app is not in the top ten most downloaded iOS apps. The Twitter app ranks 16th on the list, quite far behind its main competitors – Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

The app is also not in the top spots on the Google Play Store, it even fails to rank in the top 20.

6. The popularity of Twitter among BtoB professionals

If you need more Twitter stats to convince you of the platform’s potential, here’s a big one.

82% of all B2B companies use Twitter as a digital marketing tool (ContentMarketing Institute 2022).

In other words, if your business is BtoB oriented, Twitter is the place to be! BtoB Twitter accounts are essential relays of information relating to a sector of activity. By regularly publishing news on your company, but also on your business market for other professionals, you have every chance of capturing their interest and gaining followers.

With Twitter, the company’s message is no longer a simple unilateral publication in which consumers are only receivers of information. They are on Twitter to react, respond and interact with brands and their messages, and with other consumers.

In short, the most important thing for brands is not only to be present on Twitter, but also (and above all) to be interactive and engaging.

Among the most interesting Twitter figures for your brand: know that 77% of Twitter users have a better impression of a brand when they reply to a tweet. And 6 out of 10 users expect a brand to respond to all customer service requests within an hour.

Check out our guide to gaining more Twitter followers.

7. Tweet statistics

These Twitter stats make an impression:

  • 500 million tweets are sent every day (Mention, 2018).
  • Which equals 5,787 tweets per second.
  • The average Twitter user follows only 5 brands.

The competition is tough. But that doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time.
Indeed, when you’re getting started on social media, keep these Twitter numbers in mind.
Alternate your posts, play with your tweet schedule, and analyze your tweet statistics to determine the best time to post a tweet to reach your target audience.
Social media post scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can help you plan and analyze your tweets to determine those best times.

8. The popularity of Twitter in the United States

The number of Twitter users worldwide comes first from the United States, with more than 79.9 million accounts. Next come Japan and India.

It is one of the top five social networks in the United States , with Twitter statistics estimating over 23% of American internet users accessing Twitter each month ( Statista, 2022 ).

These latest Twitter numbers may not surprise you. 8 of the 10 most followed Twitter accounts in the world come from the United States. These include the accounts of Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Elon Musk and The EllenShow.

9. The influence of Twitter on consumption habits

If the Twitter stats above aren’t enough to convince you to get started, here’s something to tip the scales: nearly 68.7 % of users have made at least one purchase through Twitter (Finance Online, 2022) .

This statistic perfectly reveals the growing influence of social media on consumers’ shopping habits and underlines how important it is for brands to be actively present on it.

However, to generate sales, your involvement should not be limited to interacting with your audience. Your strategy must take into account the power of influencers on social networks. These Twitter figures bear witness to this:

According to Twitter, users’ purchase intent increased fivefold when exposed to influencer and brand tweets, compared to 2.7x just with branded tweets.

Lesson learned: the obvious benefits of using influencers in your Twitter campaigns. So the first thing to do is to find influencers for your niche , as soon as possible.


If you only have one thing to remember from these Twitter statistics, remember that it is one of the most important social networks that should be part of your brand strategy, especially if your audience is BtoB oriented.

With 330 million active users worldwide, there is vast potential for consumers to interact with around your brand. So if you’re not already there, your e-commerce business may be at a loss, because chances are your competitors are already there.

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