A collection of the best free and useful websites on the internet to enjoy…[2022]

How can we take advantage of our wasted time on these means of communication in the presence of the Internet, knowing that we can find in the Arab world useful scientific and educational pages and the best free sites that increase the level of knowledge and culture, whether on Facebook or on YouTube, but some may find it inadequate in many ways.

Under certain reviews Tools and services That some sites provide us on the Internet, and as usual, I have put a large number of them in a single blog to present them and benefit the Arab user. Here is a list of the most famous and important free sites where you will find a very large amount of benefits and knowledge:

Educational sites offering free courses in all areas:

Discover free courses from the best universities in the world such as Stanford and Harvard  MIT.Coursera:  The site offers free courses in cooperation with many universities around the world, most of the courses are paid for but some very important courses are available for free. Open2Study
Udacity : The most pleasant site to learn and save time instead of spending it on long hours of lectures that bore you, provides   Udacity  Lessons in the fields (business – computer – science – design – mathematics) divided into 3 stages : beginner stage – intermediate stage – advanced stage.

Khan Academy Khan Academy is a non-profit organization founded by Bengali Salman Khan and offers a wide range of free educational lectures which can be viewed on YouTube and include lectures in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Space, History, Arts, Computing and math.

MIT OpenCourseWare : Massachusetts Institute of Technology initiative offers many free educational courses.
Yale Open Courses : The site provides access to a range of free courses offered by Yale University professors.

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Think Tutorial : A database of a wide range of simple and easy explanations in many areas of computing.
Codecademy : An educational platform that offers easy and interactive programming learning for beginners, including learning Ruby, Python, and Javascript languages, in addition to HTML and CSS. If you want to learn programming, start with this free site.
Treehouse Team A  Codecademy like site  With educational videos.

w3schools:  A site to learn free programming languages ​​for beginners

EDX : Open learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard University, which offers a wide range of undergraduate courses for free.

Gallery : An open learning platform offering many free Arabic language courses.

Education Portal : Free training courses to help pass exams to secure a college degree.
Duolingo : One of the best foreign language learning sites.
FutureLear : A site with hundreds of free courses in many areas such as languages, culture, business management, life, technology and health.
iTunes U : Offers a number of free educational courses.
Memrise : A site for learning languages, history, and science using graphics cards or flash cards.
noexcuselist : A site that provides lists of free educational sites for anything you want to learn.
anki: Memrise Location Style   Helps remember things easily with smart educational maps.
Ted Talks : A site that offers free videos of free lectures and lectures on everything, a great source of inspiration and knowledge.
Mathway : A site for solving mathematical equations.
FreeRice Answer specific language questions.
Mendeley : The best free site to manage, organize, share and discover new research.
Livemocha:  Language learning site.
Useful sites for personal help and advice:
7 Cups of Tea: A free website that allows anonymous communication with a group of trained people.
Blah therapy : An online chat or extortion service.
MoodGYM : A site that provides knowledge on cognitive skills to fight and manage depression.

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Sites offering free books:

Project Gutenberg : The site provides a huge number of free books.
OpenLibrary : A site to download books for free without any copyright restrictions.
LibriVox Free audio books.
Podiobooks.com : Free audiobooks primarily from independent publishers.
Audio Book Bay: A site to download high quality audio books for free.

Program and tool sites:

IFTTT.com : Very useful site makes your life on the Internet easier, offering to perform many tasks automatically by connecting services to each other, for example, you can activate a function that allows changing the image profile on Twitter automatically when you change the profile picture in Facebook, you can also get alerts on When there is emergency weather, and many other features that we will discuss in detail in a separate article.
FileHippo : A site that provides all the software needed by any computer user for free.
Ninite : A site to download the necessary software after installing a new version of Windows with the click of a button.
Copy : A place to store files on the Internet 15 provides a free GB that you can access on different devices.
SyncThing : Secure service to synchronize files on your computer with friends or a work computer.
Mega Desktop Sync : The site provides a free 50 gigabyte to store files on the internet.
F.lux : A tool that automatically adjusts the brightness and brightness of the computer screen based on the time of day.
GIMP : Free open-source image editing program – can be considered a free Photoshop replacement.

Inkscape Free drawing program.
Paint.NET : If you use Paint Paint in Windows, this program will provide you with all the features missing in the program, its size is small and its potential is huge.
Pixlr : Free site to edit photos online.
PickMonkey : A free site to adjust images and merge more than one image into a single image, very suitable for anyone who needs to quickly adjust their photos.
KeePass : Free site to manage and save passwords.
LastPass : Free password management service.
Project Prey : The service helps find lost computers and mobile phones.
PortableApps : The site for downloading free programs can be run from flash memory.
Que Mp3 YouTube Download YouTube Video.

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Free Document Editing Sites:  Google Docs  Microsoft Office Online  LibreOffice  Oppen Office
Free Entertainment Sites:
Documentary Paradise : A site to watch dozens of documentaries for free.

TopDocumentaryFilms.com و  FreeDocumentary.tv : For more documentaries.
ZenMate : Added to the Chrome browser which allows access to Netflix and Pandora sites outside of the United States.
Grooveshark : A site to listen to music for free.
ondeux : A site for sharing audio and music clips and listening to clips shared by others.
Twitch.tv : A site for streaming videos while playing video games and watching videos shared by other gamers.

Various useful sites:

Internet Archive : A site that allows access to older versions of websites and content from sites that have been shut down in addition to older DOS games, can be considered a website archive.
Retail Me Not : A site to search for free coupons before buying anything online.
11 Website to Download High Quality Photos for Free.

Color : Adobe’s free site for best color consistency.

Account Killer : A site to delete your social media accounts.
twofoods : A site to compare different foods.
Keep the article in your favor, you will definitely need one of these useful sites, and if you have other sites that have shared with us.

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