A DIY sampler based on Raspberry Pi

If you like composing music, playing it, but also tinkering with Raspberry Pi stuff, I’ve got you covered.

This is a project called SamplerBox which is neither more nor less than a sampler to build yourself. Its operation is simple. You put all your samples in .wav format on an SD card that you insert into the device. You connect a MIDI keyboard to it and voila, you can play with realistic sounds of piano, organ, drums, etc.

You can of course do it with a classic computer, a DAW and VSTs, but thanks to this project, you have a portable solution for less than 99 € of hardware. Which is still damn cheaper than commercial samplers.

To make one, you will need a Raspberry Pi 2 minimum and some electronic equipment as well as wood or cardboard and a little glue to make the case.

The Github project is here.

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