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Textures are a bit like the raw materials of graphic design. They can serve as background or design elements. If you are a graphic designer, or even if you do amateur photo editing, I’m not telling you anything by telling you that you can find them on online image banks. However, if you wish to go further, you have the option of generate unique textures, based on the queries you enter using artificial intelligence. This is what the online texture generator of Poly !

Generate unique textures with Poly’s AI

the Poly texture generator is the first application in a suite of graphical tools under development. All these tools will revolve around an AI to respond more precisely to user requests.

Regarding the texture generator, it works like other similar programs such as PixRay or Craiyon, which are oriented towards the generation of images from text.

The principle is always the same, you have a “Prompt” field where you indicate in a few words what you want to create. Attention, this is a texture generation (and not an image) so do not expect results with realism or “concrete” structures. To put it more clearly, typing in the word ‘car’ won’t give you images of cars for example, but rather repeating patterns inspired by the word ‘car’, such as a tire tread, a radiator grille, etc. .

Poly allows you to impose a color palette in your productions. If for some reason you want “green”, “pink”, or even a combination of up to 8 colors, you can get it! On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the result will be aesthetic if you multiply the colors; it’s up to you to do your tests!

The generated textures are free for non-commercial use. Otherwise, a “Pro” subscription at $10/month is required. This subscription also offers the generation of textures at higher resolutions: 2K, 4K or custom, where the free offer is limited to 256px. Other functions will be added in future developments (so stay tuned)!

An “Enterprise” offer is also available and gives access via API to very high resolutions (16K and +) and dedicated customer support.

Do you know of any other online graphic design tools? If so, tell us about them in the comments!

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