A GUI for systemd’s journalctl

If you are on Linux, and you use systemd, you may have already come across the  journalctl command which allows you to view and manipulate systemd logs.

Although journalctl allows thanks to some parameters to display what we are looking for, it is not very practical either, especially when we know that there are a lot of different software and services that flow into the systemd logs .

So what to do?

Well there is a program called QJournalctl which is simply an interface to better exploit journalctl and systemd logs.

To install and use QJournalctrl you have to get the sources on the following Github:

git clone https://github.com/pentix/qjournalctl.git

then generate the files needed for compilation like this:


Then compile the machine like this:

make -j5

And install it like this:

sudo make install

You will then have the possibility to search in the systemd logs by specifying dates/times, keywords, the priority of the alert…etc.

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