You are watching a Pepouze Youtube video in your lounge chair, when suddenly an extract seems ideal to you to make an animated gif that will delight your friends and make you successful with the opposite sex (or not).

So in this case, simply replace the “youtube” of the url with gifs and you will come across the following editor.

Example, https://www. youtube .com/watch?v=EORg7Cod_IQ will become https:// gifs .com/watch?v=EORg7Cod_IQ

You can then select the passage to extract but also add text, images, effects (thug life, etc.), borders, blur, saturate the colors, flip the image, etc.

Some of these features are paid, but you can still do a lot of free stuff. In short, it’s super practical if you like to make animated gifs from Youtube videos. You can also upload your own videos by going directly here .

Enjoy !

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