A reverse proxy to help you quickly expose a local machine to the Internet

Developer friends, if you diligently follow this site, you must know ngrok which I spoke about in 2021 or Tailscale more recently.

This kind of tools allows to expose a local service on the Internet. It’s super practical for testing or having a website tested, but not only.

The tool that I would like to introduce to you today is called Fast Reverse Proxy or FRP for short. This command line software will allow you to expose on the Internet, a local server behind a firewall or a NATed network. FRP works with both UDP and TCP as well as HTTP and HTTPS.

Thus thanks to this tool, you will be able very easily through the Internet, to access in SSH to a computer available only in a LAN, to test your sites in development, to forward a Unix socket or even to establish a P2P connection.

All the config is defined without the frpc.ini file as described in the documentation.

To discover here.

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