A serverless, decentralized and ephemeral P2P chat

What if we talked to tell each other our worst secrets? But how ? Since everything is logged, spied on, analyzed…etc.

Well, a small open source application to host yourself exists and allows you to communicate in writing in peer to peer in an encrypted way, without sending messages through a server. All without message storage and in a totally decentralized way.

What a dream !

Her name : Chitchat !

Inspired by the late Cryptocat, the tool relies on public webtorrent servers for the initial connection of participants. And when P2P is not possible, it bounces on OpenRelay.

Chitchatter is currently in prototype stage and is still very basic in terms of functionality. A username is automatically generated and you can customize the chatroom name and that’s about all we can do. In the future, it is planned to add visio conf and file sharing options (among others).

In short, enough to improvise ephemeral discussions and without legal consequences.

You will find the sources on Github and you can test it directly here.

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