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Decades ago, if someone had told me that we could one day hack scooters, I would have laughed. And yet, in recent years, scooters have become electric, transforming them from a means of transport for 3-year-old kids to a category D weapon for adults.

That’s crazy ! Personally, I don’t have a scooter, but that doesn’t prevent me from sharing the site with you. scooter hacking which offers all the tools and software needed to configure, download and flash new firmware for your trot’ de la muerte.

So I tell you right away, there are not all scooter models on this site, only the Ninebot and Xiaomi / Mi that are “easy” to mod via a website.

So you can modify, for example, the possibility or not of driving while it is charging, specify the size of the wheels if you have changed them, the power and the speeds associated with the different modes (eco / normal / full potato), or even the braking power and the energy recovery associated with it.

So obviously, be careful, this kind of change can damage the motor or the battery of the scooter, can degrade the life of the machine or even cause you problems with the Polaïce if you do not respect the regulations in terms of power on this kind of death machine.

In short, put on a helmet, don’t drive too fast and be careful. Because hey, killing yourself on a scooter is a bit of a shame as death.

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