A web server on a Pocket PC from 1994

What if I told you that you can make a web server on just about any machine?

The proof with Terrence Vergauwen who used an HP 200 LX handheld computer (PalmTop PC) released in 1994, equipped with an MS-DOS system, a 16-bit 80186 CPU, 1 MB of RAM, a CompactFlash with 2GB of storage and a PCMCIA slot for the modem, in order to deliver the pages of its PalmtopTube.com site .

The computer baptized Félix nevertheless underwent a small upgrade which allowed it to go from 8 MHz to 16 MHz at the CPU level, and it also added an additional 2 MB RAM extension.

Regarding files, the HP 200 LX uses storage accessible via the Ethernet network, and for the SSL connection, it also uses a reverse proxy installed on a Raspberry Pi.

Here is the detailed architecture of the project:

Thus, in HTTPS, the handheld can absorb 377,000 accesses per day. With a direct HTTP connection, the yield could even reach half a million hits per day.

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