Activate the energy saving mode of your MacBook with one click!

I have been the proud owner of a MacBook M2 for 1 month and I am very happy with it. Compared to my 2015 MacBook, it’s night and day!

Besides, if you have a MacBook post 2016, there is a mode ” energy saving in settings to extend battery life.

This mode makes it possible to indicate to all the applications that it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption. This leads to the deactivation of certain processes in the background, the reduction of speeds (airdrop) or even a drop in screen brightness. But generally speaking, it does not affect the general operation of the computer.

In short, it’s an interesting mode that can also be activated from the command line like this (open a terminal in administrator mode):

sudo pmset -a lowpowermode 1

And to deactivate this energy saving mode:

sudo pmset -a lowpowermode 0

However, if this bothers you, you can always install CoolDown, a small application that comes in the form of an icon in the status bar to activate or deactivate this famous economy mode with a single click.

To do this, CoolDown simply installs a shortcut (shortcut) which it then calls each time you click on it.

You can download CoolDown here… The price is free so you can as well put 50 euros as 1 euro or 0 euro depending on the value that this tool brings you.

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