Add a green screen to your videos on Clipchamp

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Let’s take a look at how to add a green screen to your videos on Clipchamp. Here is the guide to do so, broken down in three major steps: 

1. Add a green screen stock video to the timeline

Press Start, type clipchamp, and run the app.

Click on Create a new video.

In the left pane, click on Stock video.

Scroll down to the section “Perfect for green screen” and drag and drop a green screen to the timeline. 

A green screen should show up in the preview. 

2. Add your video clip

Next, click on Your media in the left pane.

Then click on Import media.

Navigate to your video file, select it, and click on Open.

Now drag the video to the timeline and make sure it’s below the green screen.

3. Apply the green screen filter

Next, click on the green screen clip to highlight it. This will bring up multiple options in the toolbar to the right. Click on Filters.

Now scroll down the list and select Green screen.

This will cause the green bit in the video to be replaced with footage from your video. 

You can move the “Screen threshold” slider to adjust the green screen clarity and saturation. 

If you want to use a different colored screen, click on the drop-down menu under Screen color.

Then select from Green, Blue, and Red.

If your video is longer than the length of the green screen stock video, right-click on the green screen video and select Duplicate.

And that’s it! All that’s left to do is export and save the video. Click on Export.

Select your resolution.

And your video will be exported. 

How to remove a green screen in Clipchamp

If you have footage recorded with the green screen in the background, you can use Clipchamp to replace the screen with footage from a different video. Here’s how to do so:

Open Clipchamp and click on Create a new video.

Then drag and drop your video with the green screen into Clipchamp.

Alternatively, click on Import media.

Select your file and click on Open.

Then drag this green screen footage to the timeline.

Now, click on Filters on the right.

Then scroll down the options and click on Green screen.

This will cause the green screen to disappear. Now, click on Import media to add your second video which will be used as the background.

Select your video and click on Open.

Then drag this video below the green screen video in the timeline.

And just like that, your green screen is replaced with footage from a different video. 

As before, click on “Export” and save your video.

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