Adobe Express: a great tool to easily design your visuals 2022

In the era of all digital and smartphones, companies must constantly create visual aids to communicate effectively. More than ever, we need impactful and professional images for social networks or to promote new products. For this, effective and easy-to-use design software is paramount and Adobe Express is probably one of the best of its kind.

What is Adobe Express for?

The tools of the Adobe suite are essential for communication professionals, but their complexity can sometimes discourage novices. Adobe teams are well aware that some of their customers do not necessarily expect tools as advanced as Photoshop or Premiere, in particular. That’s why they recently redesigned their Spark software which was renamed Adobe Express.


Adobe Express makes all your photo and video editing jobs easy. This free and quick-to-learn tool is perfect for small teams or freelancers who don’t have special design skills and would like to internalize that visual design. Here are some of its possibilities. You can easily create visuals to illustrate your products or feed your social networks:

  • Instagram and Facebook posts, including stories format and video stories
  • Pinterest Pins, including Idea Pins and Board Covers
  • Infographics
  • Product illustrations and mockups
  • Banners and thumbnails for a YouTube channel
  • Logos
  • Flyers, business cards and invitations
  • Ebooks in PDF format
  • Collages and photo montages
  • Simple video editing 

Basic creation tools suitable for beginners

Unlike professional software like Illustrator or Photoshop, Adobe Express has a simplified interface. This contains only the tools needed for quick work: adding text boxes, images, choosing colors, etc. Adobe Express also lets you quickly edit photos: background removal, cropping, resizing, and conversions. Several quick video tools are also available. With just a few clicks, you can cut or merge video clips, crop them or resize them for another media.

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Creative Cloud features

Using Adobe software gives you access to the huge content library of the Creative Cloud:

  • Thousands of fonts
  • Many icons and vector images
  • Millions of royalty-free photos

It also includes storage space and collaborative tools to facilitate teamwork.

Beginners will also appreciate the large catalog of templates. Everyone can now design high-quality visuals, even with limited graphic design skills. Just start from one of the templates designed by the creators of the Adobe team and add your images, fonts and colors to it.

The latest from Adobe Express

Since the redesign of its ancestor Spark, Adobe Express evolves regularly to adapt to the needs of its users. New features have also recently been added.

Content planning

Adobe Express now allows you to plan your creations directly on your social networks. In a few minutes, you can design one or more Instagram posts, and plan their publication according to your editorial calendar. The time saved is significant, and this new function allows you to stay perfectly organized in your content creation.


Font Suggestions

The software can now offer you different fonts to suit the style of your design, to help beginners make the most sensible typographical choices.

Quick video resizing

Like cropping photos, the software will now offer you to resize your videos to adapt them to different channels, such as YouTube, Instagram stories or TikTok.

Keyboard shortcuts

Adobe Express users now have access to the most useful keyboard shortcut: copy and paste! It exempts you from certain import maneuvers: you can very easily copy and paste elements, icons or videos from one location to another.

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Color palettes

A harmonious palette is the basis of any successful creation. You will now have access to a library of pre-designed palettes, as well as color suggestions based on the theme of your design.

Graphic design software free and accessible to all

Adobe Express is compatible with all PCs equipped with Windows 10 and Windows 11 since it is used directly in a browser. The Adobe ID allows you to log in to the web version of Adobe Express and work directly in the online application. It can also be installed on a smartphone by downloading a free app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store .

Adobe Express is one of the best free options for creating visuals today. Accessible to beginners, this software will allow them to gain confidence in their graphic design abilities, to eventually evolve towards more advanced design tools.  

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