Adobe Introduces Firefly for Enterprise: Boost Your Business Efficiency

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Adobe has announced that it is bringing Firefly, its generative image generator, to enterprise customers. This update allows enterprise users to customize the model with their own branded assets. Additionally, Adobe is introducing its Adobe Express design app (previously known as Adobe Spark) to enterprise users, who can access Firefly through the app. This move aims to meet the increasing content demands expected by enterprise leaders and drive efficiencies internally.

Two weeks prior to this announcement, Adobe integrated Firefly into Photoshop, where it has already been used over 150 million times. As part of its efforts to integrate new capabilities across its product portfolio, Adobe is moving quickly, following the trend set by other major tech companies.

One major advantage of Firefly is that it produces commercially safe images. Adobe trains the model using images from its stock imagery marketplace, openly licensed images, and public domain content. This ensures that Adobe has the rights to all the images, eliminating the need to scrape the web and avoiding copyright issues. However, this approach limits the range of images the model can generate. In the enterprise context, the emphasis is on commercial safety, which Adobe is willing to bet on. The company will indemnify businesses that use Firefly-generated images.

Firefly is now available in the standalone Firefly web app, Adobe Express, and Creative Cloud, expanding its accessibility to users. In addition to Firefly, Adobe has launched several other generative AI-powered services as part of its Sensei GenAI platform. Sensei GenAI encompasses text and data-centric models that leverage multiple large language models, including OpenAI through Microsoft Azure and the Google-incubated FLAN-T5 model.

One notable addition is the generative AI-based marketing copy generator (currently in beta) for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Journey Optimized. This tool allows brands to edit, rephrase, and summarize their marketing copy while selecting their preferred tone of voice. Brands can tune the model with their own data to ensure the automatically generated content aligns with their brand.

Adobe’s Customer Journey Analytics users can now utilize natural language queries to analyze their data. The service also offers automatic captions for charts and graphs. Moreover, a new chat tool provides brands with an automated way to interact with prospects online, addressing product-related queries and assisting sales teams with customized responses and summarized interactions. This chat tool can be integrated into Marketo Engage.

Adobe is already working with numerous brands, including Mattel, IBM, and Dentsu, to help them adopt these AI-powered tools.

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