Airbnb Introduces New Anti-Party Tech Tool; Here’s how it works

In June, Airbnb announced that its temporary ban on parties due to the pandemic would become codified policy. Now the company is introducing new anti-party technology in the US and Canada to prevent parties.

The announcement reads as follows:

Today, we’re announcing the introduction of new anti-party tools in the US and Canada to help identify potentially high-risk bookings and prevent those users from taking advantage of our platform.

Airbnb’s anti-party technology will look for positive review history — or lack thereof — how long the guest has been on Airbnb, length of trip, distance to listing, weekend relative to the day of the week, etc.

The company says it has piloted a similar variant of the system in Australia since October 2021, “where it has been very successful”. Airbnb says it has seen a 35% drop in incidents of unauthorized parties in areas of Australia where this pilot has been in effect.

This anti-party technology is designed to prevent a reservation attempt from succeeding. Travelers who cannot make whole-house reservations due to this system will still be able to book a private room (where the host is more likely to be physically onsite) or a hotel room through Airbnb.

Airbnb says this system is a “more robust and sophisticated version of the ‘under 25’ system that’s been in effect in North America since 2020 and focuses primarily on guests under 25 with no positive reviews who book locally.

The company is “optimistic that this technology will have a positive impact on the safety of our community and our goal of reducing unauthorized parties.” It remains unclear if Airbnb will roll out this technology globally or if it will remain limited to certain regions.

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