Alibaba Cloud is the cloud subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. This branch of digital technology has declared that it wants to embark on carbon emission reduction targets. To do this, it plans to upgrade its data centers.

For its buildings, Alibaba Cloud uses state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technology. Mention will be made, for example, of the use of recyclable electricity storage or liquid cooling. These two elements are essential in order to reduce carbon emissions.

The company is thus inspired by the supply of clean energy, wind and solar. Carbon management tools are also the subject of serious study. The goal remains, of course, the maximum exploitation of energy exchange systems. At the same time, it is also essential to think about the stability of the energy used.

Alibaba Cloud bets on various green technologies

This perspective pushes society out of its comfort zone. As such, she is interested in pumping water, which is a classic method of conserving renewable energy . Alibaba Cloud wants to take advantage of everything the environment offers. This is why it has established digital infrastructures in Ulanqab. This is a Mongolian city where temperatures drop to – 22 degrees Celsius. This free-air cooling system alternative reduces the use of machines for 10 months per year.

Moreover, Alibaba did not stop there. The company has decided to equip its data centers with the Yitian 710 chip , for a more efficient energy transition. As a reminder, this processor is capable of containing 60 billion transistors. This represents a 50% higher energy efficiency rate than its counterparts.

The chip now works with the Panjiu servers produced by the brand. These machines separate compute from storage for better support of cloud-native services. Software behind applications that does not require physical servers illustrates this.

Therefore, computer servers can focus in the calculation of AI. Moreover, it is more profitable on a large scale, especially in terms of data deployment. We can also consider combining the strengths of this equipment to train AI models. Then, until now, such a process could not be envisaged, because of its energy consumption.

An approach that fits into the company’s long-term strategy

Shanyuan Gao , CEO of Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure’s Internet Data Center Division, stresses the importance of green data centers for the company’s sustainable operations. “In our data center in Hangzhou, server clusters are immersed in a specialized coolant. This causes the temperature of computer hardware to drop rapidly. I think this technology will be spread all over China and other countries in the future. » he expresses himself.

Recall, at the same time, that the company’s Zhangbei data center uses immersion cooling . This is the first facility to use heat pump technology in China. This initiative earned it a “green energy consumption certificate” from the Beijing Electric Power Exchange Center last year. Finally, let’s not forget that Alibaba Cloud is, to date, the biggest buyer of clean energy. In 2021, the company acquired 269 gigawatt hours on average.

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