Indeed, a video recently posted on YouTube shows a humanoid robot performing several human expressions perfectly, and in a fairly natural way. This robot has a name: Ameca .

Ameca, the humanoid robot who performs human expressions

In the barely forty-one-second video, the humanoid is seen moving his arm and then suddenly waking up. He then performs a series of human expressions within seconds, going from confusion to amazement as he looks at his hands and arms. We can see him very clearly opening his mouth and raising his eyebrows, and smiling at the end of the video. We also notice a great fluidity of the robot’s gestures.

Although the teaser is very short, it demonstrates the robot’s abilities very clearly, even though only the upper half of its body was in motion. Indeed, the lower half of the robot is not yet functional, according to Engineered Arts. Moreover, Ameca is not a robot intended to jump, run or perform acrobatics. Its creators nicknamed it the “Future Face of Robotics”.

Ameca will be used to test technological innovations in robotics

Apparently, this humanoid is meant to be a platform for testing robotic technologies. Specifically, Ameca would be a step in the researchers’ plan to make humanoids more interactive by teaching them non-verbal communication.

Ameca is equipped with the Engineered Arts Tritium operating system. Companies conducting research in robotics can thus test their technologies or demonstrate them using Ameca. The company does claim that it can hire Ameca for exhibitions or live television chats.

Is Ameca an artificial intelligence?

To this question, the engineers explain that “ Ameca contains software that can be described as“ artificially intelligent ”(…). Ameca’s main objective is to be an AI development platform ”.

Ameca will be present at the CES 2022 event to be held in January. Currently, the video posted on 1 st December already has over 1.7 million views. Quite normal popularity, from the point of view of the creators of the robot who regard Ameca as ”  the most advanced human-shaped robot in the world, representing the vanguard of human robotics technology  “.

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