Anonymize a tweet with a single click

If you’re addicted to screenshots to raise evildoers on Twitter or some other form of toxic living species that deserve to be burnt, but you don’t want to play their game yourself, here is an extension for Firefox that will please you.

It is Twitter Anonymizer by Marc Brillaut which makes it possible to anonymize a tweet by erasing all of the personal data of the person who posted it.

Demonstration… hop right click, “toggle anonymization”…

Here’s the result :

This avoids that too much information is disclosed even if it is true, with the content of the message, we can always find it. But in any case, it will not put you in the camp of evildoers. You will thus be able to denounce an abuse to your community, without it passing as a call for disguised harassment.

It saves time, it avoids getting out the drawing software, and it reduces the risk of backlash for the person quoted.

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