Anonymously synchronize your bookmarks between all your browsers

On all recent browsers, there is now a synchronization feature that allows once connected to retrieve its bookmarks, its history, as well as the list of plugins, depending on the service.

Firefox Sync is the best known of these services but Google Sync or Opera Sync allow you to do the same thing. But then, it’s not very private life and free software all that.

This is why free developers have developed the free xBrowserSync extension designed to synchronize your bookmarks between all your browsers while respecting your privacy and your anonymity. No need to register, just download the extension, enter a password to encrypt the data you are going to send to it and presto synchronize all that. In exchange, you will get a unique ID that you must enter in all your other browsers / devices so that they can retrieve what has been synchronized.

Beyond simple bookmarks, xBrowserSync also allows you to classify and enrich them with descriptions and tags if you want. And an interface allows you to search among them.

To work, xBrowserSync relies on community-maintained public synchronization servers listed here . You can even mount your own server.

xBrowserSync is available for Firefox, Chrome and its derivatives. And an Android application is also available on F-Droid, the Play Store or as an APK. You can find all download links here.

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